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4 Possible Questions During Job Interview

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Are you excited to attend for a job interview? Your first or second or third and so on. I’d like to share with you my experiences from various interviews that I have attended. And as a quality or civil engineer, you must always be prepared for your next interview, be ready and read carefully because this might be the questions to you what the interviewer had asked me.

But before we go on, you might ask “What will I do first?”

When you are called for an interview, give thanks to God and praise him because that was his blessings to you. He might have answered your prayers. Imagine that out of hundreds or thousands of applicants you were chosen to be interviewed. I also believe in this verse “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all everything good will follow unto you.”

Start to prepare your dress to wear. You might be asking “What proper dress to prepare?” Well, for me, I was wearing slacks with a polo or long sleeve with matching shiny black shoes. So you will look really professional when you are in that outfit. I don’t want to wear much like you are going to attend a wedding ceremony or an executive meeting. The interviewer would actually want to know if you are qualified and has knowledge about what you are applying for, so don’t bother yourself too much on over conscious on what you will wear.

Sleep early, be sure to have a sleep of 7 hours or 8 hours so you will feel relaxed when you’ll wake up. Get up early so you’ll be able to prepare everything you need during the interview and you will avoid from getting late at the time of interview. Come to the place 1 hour before the interview, coming to the place of interview in an hour advance will give your mind a relaxation, not pressured and you can prepare any requirements should an interviewer most likely need. Like, Resume, passport etc.

I remember one time I attended an interview, but I was not able to bring my Resume. That was my worst experience. So a day before, make sure your Resume is ready.

Now that you have done all your preparation before the interview. Here are the 4 possible questions that an interviewer would ask you and you can prepare before the time of interview. It’s quite thrilling yeah..

1. Can you tell me what you are doing?

This question might be the first one to ask from you, so be ready for this. You may recall all what you were doing. A day before, you list down and try to put in your mind by memorizing, it might help a lot easier, you could express what you were doing very seamlessly because you inculcated it already into your mind.

2. What are the tests usually taken from concrete?

This could be the easiest question. You can study then what are the tests of concrete usually required in the construction. The test that you could easily recall is compressive test, flexural, durability, tests etc. You can look up in this article the various quality test.

3. What are the documents that you should assure before going to site?

This has been also asked to me and I was a little bit shocked because, after the question, my mind was scanning, and trying to recall what are those documents.

Here are the documents that you need to assure. First is drawing, make sure that the drawings are approved. Second is Method Statement, make sure that you have made the MS and got approval from the Engineer. Third is Inspection & Test Plan, make sure that you also have made the ITP’s including Checklists for all your works on site. Fourth is Material Submittal, make sure the materials you want to check are approved.

4. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

If this is your first time to hear these questions, then read on and then learn. But before you go further, let me share you how I became so intensely shocked because it was my first time had to hear that. I found later that it is very simple. I’ll give you examples of Strength and Weakness so you will not become rattled when an interviewer would ask you this.

4.1 Strength

1. Loyal to the company
2. Punctual
3. Hard working
4. Know how to maintain time management

 4.2 Weakness

1. Can’t refuse other co-workers requests or help
2. Doing too many works at one day
3. Handling too many projects at once

So you can now remember these examples. If you can notice about weakness, we turn the negative into positive.

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Thank you!

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