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Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Noel Mades and I’m the author of I am a Civil Engineer by profession but I’ve specialized and taken the journey in the field of Quality Engineering.

I’ve worked as a Quality Engineer in well-known companies in the United Arab Emirates for almost seven 10 years. In God’s grace, I am still working here, but before coming to the United Arab Emirates, I’ve worked in the Maintenance Department at Municipality of Puerto Princesa, Palawan as Civil Inspector for almost three years way back in 2003. I am proud that I had my first work experience from that office in my home country, the Philippines.

I am a member of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers ( PICE ) – Philippines and later to be a member of the PICE – UAE which has recently been established by Filipino Engineers. I am also a member of the Organization of Filipino Civil Engineers Association ( OFCEA ) – UAE. Even though I do not have extra time due to workloads in almost every day’s task, I insisted on finding the opportunity to get training for my development and career advancement. Here are a few of the major training I attended as summarized below:

I made this blog in order to easily share with the people who are willing to take the journey that I have taken. I really want to share the knowledge I gathered from the start of my career until today.

You can become SUCCESSFUL too!

There is greatness inside every single person. Everybody has what it takes to become successful. I look forward to connecting with you at one of your spare times in the future and helping you in whatever way I can. Believe in yourself and know that you can be successful too! And create an inspiring life no matter where you are.

I want to leave you an old quote of discipline, a discipline that I always remember.

What you should do. When you should do. Whether you feel like it or not.

Guys see you! Cheers!

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Thank you!

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