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The Duties and Responsibilities of a QA/QC Engineer

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If you want to embark into a quality engineering world you should know the duties and responsibilities of a QA/QC Engineer which I will discuss with you in the foregoing paragraphs.

I have written the qualifications of a QA/QC Engineer in the earlier post click here actually there are few more but for me, they are the best qualifications of all.

Here, now I will write down the duties and responsibilities I performed in my daily routine at my current level in this field.

Let me consider as one level every contract, there are three years for every contract and that is the rules here in the United Arab Emirates. So, in other words, my duties and responsibilities in my previous level (first contract) is not as much as in the current level because you know at my level now I can say I can do all the tasks that a QA/QC Engineer has to be done, I can perform with my own ability without a supervisor.



Here are my duties and responsibilities at my present position as QA/QC Engineer, at my sixth-year experience in the United Arab Emirates. Please note that when you are a first-timer abroad even though you already have years of experience from your country you will have zero experience like here in the UAE. I don’t know if it is the same in other countries.

So for the newbies, you might want to consider these and apply them to your current job status. I may say “start discovering and performing the new task”. They said, “If you learn more you’ll earn more”.

If you can notice I also make material submittals but in fact, it’s out of the tasks of a QA/QC Engineer but I did that because I want to learn.

The opposite of having more knowledge is having a good salary offer, because if you have more knowledge and more experience and in return, more salary offers that you can receive.

So good luck with your success!

Did you learn something about the duties and responsibilities of  a qa/qc engineer in the above article? If yes, please comment on the comment section below in what you have learned.

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Sharing is Caring:
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