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How To Buy My Ebooks

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There are people asking me how to avail my ebooks. So, I was thinking that it is best to write a guide “How to buy my ebooks?”
Below are the steps you can follow to avail my ebooks.
1. When you are on “My Book” page, click the “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now” button.

2. You will then head to “Your Shopping Cart” page. Click the “Check out with Paypal” button at the bottom right corner.

3. You will then head to Paypal. If you already have an account on Paypal you can enter your email and password to the respective fill-in blank and buy, but if you do not have yet go down and click “Create a Paypal Account and pay with your dibet or credit card or with Paypal Credit.”

3. After clicking the “Create a Paypal account” a page then will open with the title “Choose a way to pay” select “Credit Card” tab shown below to buy via VISA or Master Card etc. If you have Debit or Prepaid Card click the corresponding tab and the same with Paypal Credit Special Offer tab. And input the requirements in the blank spaces provided.

Make sure that all blanks spaces are filled in unless it is optional.

After filling all the blanks spaces, don’t forget to tick “I have read and agree to PayPal’s User Agreement” then finally click the “Agree and Create Account” button.
Don’t worry about making an account in Paypal and putting your credit card in it, Paypal is an online payment processor which you can rely on. There are thousands and not thousands but millions using Paypal as their online payment processor. You can buy online anywhere via your Paypal account. I have used this for many years already.

Thank you.

Sharing is Caring:
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