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5 Main Reasons Why I Created QA/QC Engineer’s Academy

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Having been a first timer in the field of quality engineering myself, I understand how difficult and alienating it can be to navigate through the works of a QA/QC engineer. Having had no starting ground then, I didn’t know what my duties and responsibilities should be, and it was really hard for me to cope and adjust. I recall having embarrassed myself for not being knowledgeable enough in this field.

It is for this reason, the QA/QC Engineers Academy that I’ve been shooting every day for the past two months, writing the program and content, to create an academy program for anyone who is interested to become a QA/QC engineer or a consultant (Note that a consultant has almost the same task as a QA/QC engineer. What a QA/QC engineer does is what a consultant does on site.). I want you to avoid experiencing those worst scenarios of my life. So here in the QA/QC Engineers Academy course, I thought almost all about the qa/qc engineer task and responsibilities.

But, at last, after more than two years of hustling and grinding, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Engineer Academy is published! You can visit the website here and read my story there.

Continue reading until the end of the article as I’m going to tell you what the contents are and how beneficial this course would be for you as a QA/QC engineer aspirant.

Here are the 5 main reasons why I created the QA/QC Engineer’s Academy.


1. To help equip you with the skills you need for the QA/QC engineer job

When I started my career as a civil inspector several years ago, I didn’t have an idea how to work as an inspector. It was not easy for me, the same thing when I applied for job agencies abroad. “Which area of expertise or path would I take?” That question bugged me. I was used to the idea that to “multi-task” is how an engineer should work; that’s how it was in our province. When I worked abroad, however, it was totally different. We were expected to have only one expertise and the reason is that we would be working on the most huge projects.

Case in point was my first project in Dubai (The Square Project) whose contract price was worth AED 400 Million, and that was equivalent to 7,680,000,000 Billion in Indian Rupee (as of this date), 5,600,000,000 Billion in Philippine Peso (as of this date), and 108, 695, 652 Million in US Dollars (as of this date.) Definitely, these were billions worth of projects. Pulling these off proved to be a humongous challenge for me.

To accomplish this kind of project, there should be an organization with a complete staff. There should likewise be a project manager (PM), construction manager, quality manager, QA/QC engineer etc.

For you to be well equipped in joining this kind of project, I want you to become aware of the task, your duties, your responsibilities which I will teach in the training.


2. To guide you through the roles and responsibilities of a QA/QC Engineer

Your roles and responsibilities are the primary things you should be aware of as an aspiring QA/QC engineer. By training under QA/QC Engineers Academy, I will guide you through the 25 specific roles and responsibilities of a QA/QC engineer, as well as definitive guidelines on how to perform well in this field. Consequently, by learning these 25 QA/QC engineer roles and guidelines, it will help you have a strong foundation that you can rely on as you pursue this field. Simply take note of these 25 QA/QC engineer roles and guidelines, and you will not be lost.


3. To teach you about proper documentations

The proper handling of documents, such as method statement, inspection and test plan, checklist and preparation of inspections, preparation of cube register and filling out, and several related documents during the progress of the project, are some of the significant tasks a QA/QC engineer should know.

QA/QC Engineers Academy will train you so that you will be well-versed of the proper documentation process, which you are going to need as you enter the field of quality assurance and quality control job. Unlike me when I was just starting, you can spare yourself the agony of having to go through feeling like a fish out of water, unequipped with the essential tools I needed then.


4. For you to have an adequate grasp of procedures of inspections

Inspections can either be work inspection or material inspection, and the procedure is different for the two. These you should learn because it is part of your job as an aspiring QA/QC engineer. To name a few, you have to know, how do I prepare the inspection? What are the contents? Who will be responsible for the inspection? When should I submit and when should I follow up? And several other tasks to follow with your inspection.

In QA/QC Engineers Academy, all the procedures of inspection, whether that be work or material inspection, will be taught for you not to experience any form of confusion as you do fieldwork.


5. To help you boost your career as a QA/QC engineer or consultant

When you finish the training, which I will take charge of handling, expect to have wide knowledge about quality assurance and quality control topics that will help you jumpstart your career as a QA/QC engineer. These are based mostly on my first-hand experiences as a QA/QC engineer myself. The interview process, as you start applying, will be relatively easier for you to handle.
In a sample curriculum vitae (CV) I placed inside the QA/QC Engineers Academy program, you can write on your CV from where you’ve trained to learn the quality assurance and quality control engineer training.


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So, there you go, those are the five main reasons why I created QA/QC Engineers academy, and also the reasons why you should train here. You will undergo a step-by-step training inside the QA/QC engineer’s academy program that will prepare and equip you with the essentials you need to be an effective and formidable QA/QA engineer and consultant.

So, if I were you if you want to save some time learning by yourself, which will possibly cause you to make more mistakes and will take longer time for you to learn, train with us! Join QA/QC Engineers Academy course. I believe in the saying, “the quicker you learn, the quicker you earn.” If I can go back and start all over again, I would attend training like this so that I would learn and earn quickly. Why not try and start the program!

You can visit QA/QC Engineers Academy now. You may enroll and start your career to become a quality engineer.

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