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Method Statement for Blinding Works

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After completion of compaction and application of Anti-termite, the blinding shall then be cast.

But the QA/QC Engineer shall take first the approval of the applications of Anti-termite from the Engineer by submitting an Inspection Request ( IR ).

Here is the Method Statement for Blinding Works:

1. Title

2. Purpose and scope

2.1 The purpose of this is to describe the measures and ways of doing blinding works on our project site. Works shall be carried out in compliance with the drawing and project specifications.


3. Work Procedure (Blinding Works)

3.1 Setting out

3.1.1 [Company] surveyor would conduct a site survey to stake out the lines and levels of the areas of the blinding to be cast. The mark shall be as per the approved drawing.

3.2 Application

4. Safety

  1. All works shall comply with the safety procedure or instruction as set out in the project safety plan and municipality rules and regulations.
  2. Basic PPE shall be worn by all staff or laborers.
  3. Trained operators or banksman would be engaged to control or operate heavy equipment machines.

5. Equipment and Tools

  1. Heavy Equipment – Truck mixer, Concrete Pump, Boom Loader
  2. Activities Equipment – Wheel borrow, Surveying Instrument, Metal Tape

6. Materials and Reference

  1. Materials – 20 Mpa Blinding Concrete (C20/20 Grade)
  2. Reference – Specification Section – Concrete Works, Drawings

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Quality Engineer Tips:

a. Ensure that the Method Statement is approved prior to start work.

b. Engineers should make sure that the design mix of the concrete or blinding is approved by the Engineer.

c. You should also make sure that the Anti-termite treatment is done and properly sprayed onto the ground.

d. Make sure that after the application of anti-termite treatment a polythene sheet must be placed prior to pouring concrete.

The Inspection and Test Plan shall be made together with the Checklist.

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