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Method Statement for Painting Works for External Concrete Beam

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The painting works for the external concrete beam of a high-rise project should be done if you have no any other options to make the external view of your building looks amazing.

This was what happened, the client was so impatient and he wanted to finish the project before the deadline. So what we did is we proposed the paint system to paint the external concrete beam from 1st floor to 25th floor.

So, without further ado, here is the method statement.


1. Title

Method Statement for Painting Works for External Concrete Beam


2. Purpose & Scope

This method aims to list the specific tasks that the contructor is to perform, in relation with the painting works on external concrete beam, and to make sure that the end result meets the required quality and safety standards.

This method statement aims to outline the methodology for the painting works on external concrete beam according to project specifications and project requirements.


3. Reference

• Specification Section 0143440 Paints
• Paint for Concrete Beam: MAR Ref. No. NVM/1011/MS/123 Rev. 1


4. Manpower

• Project Manager
• Construction Manager
• Site Engineer
• QA/QC engineer
• Safety officer
• Foreman
• Helpers
• Painters


5. Equipment & Tools

• Scaffold
• Ladder
• Spray equipment
• Putty knife
• Drip tray
• Slow-speed Drill Machine
• Pail
• Brush & Roller
• Sandpaper
• Rug cloth
• Carborundum
• Paint scraper
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


6. Responsibilities

• The overall implementation of this method statement is under the sole responsibility of the company Construction Manager.

• All safety procedures & safety measures relating to the nature of the works being carried out are to be implemented under the supervision of the company Safety officers, in accordance with the project HSE plan.

• Company site QA/QC Engineer is responsible for the implementation of the related QA/QC Works as described in this method statement.

• Before painting works on external beam begin, the company QA/QC staff shall monitor and make sure that documents like this Method Statement gain the necessary approval.


7. Methodology

7.1 Preparation prior to start painting works

7.1.1 The area where paint is to be applied must be cleaned, sound and dry.

7.1.2 If the area is untidy such as the presence of concrete blemishes, hardened cement etc. it would be cleaned by suitable scraper or brush.

7.2 Preparation prior to start painting works

7.2.1 Make sure to clean the area before applying paint. The said are must be sound and dry.

7.2.2 If there are imperfections in the area, such as hardened cement, concrete blemishes, etc, use suitable brush or scraper to clean and smoothen.

7.2.3 Make sure to thoroughly remove any cartons or pieces of wood that are stuck on the beam.

7.2.4 In order to access the beams, scaffolding should be erected. The scaffolding needs to by certified by third party under supervision of the safety officer. The scaffolding will not be used unless a green tag is placed on it.

7.3 Primer Paint Application

7.3.1 After the beam’s surface is cleaned, apply primer paint.

7.3.2 All persons involved in the activity need to attend induction training before they can work on site.

7.4 Block Filler Application

7.4.1 Apply 2 coats of block filler, in order to correct any potholes or undulations before proceeding to the application of the succeeding coat.

7.4.2 A paint scraper shall be used to apply the block filler.

7.4.3 Make sure that the minimum waiting time is maintained before continuing with the succeeding coat.

7.5 Texture Paint Application

7.5.1 Use textured paint spray to apply the textured finish. Pour Texo compound in a suitable bucket or paint pail and dilute with the necessary amount of water to make it sprayable.

7.5.2 To get a well-mixed paint, use proper mixing technique. To achieve the desirable result, use a slow-speed handheld drill machine.

7.5.3 To avoid paint splashing, make sure that the adjacent elements (e.g. glass, aluminum, and cladding) are adequately covered and protected.

7.6 Final Paint

7.6.1 Final paint shall be applied in 2 coats. Pre-Final paint first, and Final Paint last.

7.6.2 Apply Pre-final on the texture paint finish; however, make sure that the textured paint is completely dry and past its curing period. This consists of 6 to 8 hours in most cases, as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

7.6.3 Follow the same principle before applying Final Paint. The Pre-Final paint must be completely dry and past its curing period, as the manufacturer dictates.

7.6.4 When the pre-final paint is ready, the succeeding coat, which is the Final Paint. can then commence and complete the system.

7.6.5 An Inspection request (IR) can then be raised to the Engineer for approval.


8. Safety

• All works will be compliant with the safety instruction/procedure as described in the approved project HSE plan, and all safety recommendations from the local authorities shall be adhered to.

• All works must comply with safety procedures/instructions detailed in the project safety plan.

• All staff shall wear basic PPE.

• Whenever required, sufficient lighting will be available during the works.

End of Method Statement
Do you follow the methodology of painting works for the external concrete beam as stated above? Share your thoughts below.
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