Checklist for Substructure Part -1

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Here are the “Checklists” that all Engineers used since the start and during the progress of the project. This way you could easily find out what is not installed or in placed.

The content of this ebook is the following:

1. Checklist for Excavation Works
2. Checklist for Backfilling and Compaction Works
3. Checklist for Blinding Works
4. Checklist for Rubberized Waterproofing
5. Checklist for Waterproofing Works (Membrane)
6. Checklist for RCC Footing
7. Checklist for Slab On Grade
8. Checklist for Casting Concrete for Duct Bank

1 review for Checklist for Substructure Part -1

  1. Sijo

    The best ebook for checklist because it has no BS terms, it is direct to the point.

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