Construction Quality Procedure

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This product contains quality assurance and quality control procedures.

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When it comes to construction, which is a dangerous and skill-heavy industry there has to be a clear system (a construction quality procedure must be present) for assuring that all products and supplies being used are of the highest standard. This eBook will serve as a guide to ensuring the safety and quality within this branch, there are procedures and standards that must be met.

Throughout the text, you will find clear instructions as well as charts regarding the do’s and don’ts of quality control. The book is divided into sections, which clearly outline necessary information.

Quality assurance flow charts are used to clearly show step by step what to do in that situation. This eBook also shows the different roles various people have in the process of quality assurance, from the engineers to the foremen. Inspection of materials is, of course, a very important aspect of ensuring everything is up to standards and when it comes to quality control certainty of this is imperative. The chain of command is also an important key, every person must be in synch and aware of the information found by the previous, and within the eBook, you will see exactly what your role is and who you answer to.

The importance of quality control cannot be understated, when subcontractors are hired to complete a construction job the safety of all parties involved must be a priority apart from that there is a job to do and it is within the interest of any and all parties that such a job is done correctly, safely, efficiently and completely, this eBook is your guide to achieving this.

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  1. Ariel

    When I finished reading this book I was amazed, it is a straightforward book. This one I can recommend. Thank you. All the best.

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