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Welcome to Quality Engineers Academy! Are you an engineer or an architect that is having a problem in getting or doing your job with a specialty in the field of Quality? Are you thinking about changing your career line due to this?

Well, do not do that.

This is because we have found a simple yet great way for you to finally learn and eventually work without any prior knowledge or experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Construction. You will later know the difference between quality assurance and quality control along the way.

Wondering how? Well, there is a short story behind this about a man who was in the same position as you 12 years ago. But he was able to turn around things for himself with some supervision, help, and by making mistakes through his working period.
His name is Noel Mades and he is a civil engineer in the field of quality engineering. He has learned a lot from his experience and decided to share this same experience with people like you, who need it.

In fact, to make things easier for everyone, Noel gathered all this knowledge and experience and put it into a well-prepared course so that none of you would have to spend 12 years to learn it all just like he did. When he began to work as a civil inspector, he was not aware of what he needed to do or where he needed to start from.

He felt embarrassed working always as his boss would always tell him to “do this” or “do that.” As a matter of fact, he began to even look for training sessions so that he can learn all about this work, but there wasn’t any. That is when he kept pushing and learning from his work and experience to eventually reach where he is.

What Problems would this Course Solve?

Obviously, you are an engineer, so you know what you are doing. But if you are a quality engineer, there are a lot of things that you are not taught about. It can be highly embarrassing for you to have your colleagues and boss constantly telling you what to do. In fact, if you go looking for a new job for a quality engineer, you might find it hard to get one.

But with the QA/QC Engineers Academy Program, you will be able to overcome this. Once you are done with the course, you can easily:

Give perfect answers to every technical question thrown at you during an interview.
Have enough experience and knowledge to nail your quality engineer interview.

To explain better:

• You will be able to read all the abbreviations and details on drawings that you come across during your job.
• You will be able to make a great report at the end of the project along with the project documents in any format (MS, CL, PQP, ITP, etc.)
• You will also learn all about checking materials and checking the concrete deliveries (tests, types, and grades).
• You will be able to raise work and material inspections perfectly.
• You will learn all about the roles and guidelines that you need to know about as a QA/QC engineer which will help you increase your income and boost your career.
• Learn other important things that would make you a professional in this field.

What are the Benefits of Taking this Course?

Okay, so you might learn all about the field and answer the questions in the interview. What makes this course better than the others out in the market? Well, at the end of the course, you will know how to:

• Know the 25 QA/QC Engineers Roles and Guidelines.
• How to read drawing.
• Coordinate with the subcontractors and construction team.
• Check the completed work on site.
• Log the concrete cubes; send them in for testing, and checking the test outcome.
• Find materials and submit them for material inspection.
• Make a material inspection request.
• Make a method statement, checklist, inspection and test plan.
• Prepare an inspection request with the proper steps, and many other things.

You will be ready with the practical knowledge you need to rock your job as a quality engineer. Other courses might help you with the technical stuff. However, this course would not just teach you all the technical terms, it would also prepare you for the practical aspects of the job. Also, you will be able to relate to the course well since Noel has been in your shoes.

Over to You

At the end of the course, you will be able to handle each and everything related to the responsibilities and duties of your job. And when you go for an interview, you can be sure to answer everything right. This will also allow you to demand a higher salary. You will be surprised to see the company accepting your offer and asking you to join. So, what are you waiting for? Stop fidgeting about changing your career line and take this course today! Read more here…

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  1. Jean

    I have been following the course for a few days and it is very interesting, honestly speaking you are doing a great job.

    • Noel Mades

      Thanks a lot.

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