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The Quality Assurance And Quality Control Reports

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In the companies that are following their standards, quality manual or project quality plan, etc. then most likely quality assurance and quality control reports would be one of the documents that would have been written and will be provided during the progress of the project.

A Quality Manager would require you as a quality engineer to do the reports but don’t worry you can ask him for the formats of reports because again he should be the one to provide it to you. So don’t hesitate to ask any reports Form.

When I started making our quality reports, I remember when I was in my first company here abroad (UAE) I was a bit sluggish because I don’t have an idea how to start and my manager then was not giving me an idea how to start maybe he presumed that I had experience to write a report but I wasn’t it was my first time to be a quality engineer that time.

But due to my initiative, I constructed my own format and was accepted by my manager.

Here are the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Reports that I prepared.

1. Non-conformance Status Report

It’s a report to track whether an NCR is closed or still open. This report shall be regularly checked and updated. As I mentioned in this post 10-project-forms-that-a-qaqc-engineer-must-have that the NCR shall serve as hold points of payments so it should be immediately rectified and closed. See below a sample of the report.


You can immediately point out what would be your next action based on the above report not like being not doing any tracking platform you will probably confuse on when your next move.

2. Monthly Quality Report

This report will be needed and it shall be incorporated in the Monthly Report of the project that will be submitted to the consultant and client. It’s a general quality report of the project. See below the sample quality report.


3. The Internal Monthly Report

This report shall be submitted to the Quality Manager, he requires me to submit a report of my areas of function such as closing nonconformance report or NCR, closing Site Instruction, Site Inspections, Issues discuss at the quality meeting, Development of Method statements and status, ITP, and Checklist status, etc. See the sample format of the report.

If you have suggestions on the above quality assurance and quality control reports or if you have supplements you can write down on the comment box below.

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Sharing is Caring:
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