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The Quality Control or QC Inspector Duties and Responsibilities

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It is important for an aspirant or anyone who would like to embark on a quality engineering job to know the quality control or qc inspector duties and responsibilities. So, in this article, I am going to show you what are those quality control inspector duties and responsibilities.

During my stay in our country Philippines in the year 2006, I had the plan to work abroad but I really don’t have an idea what best career will I specialized, then I have a friend who’d just come back from Saudi Arabia taught me what job to take, you know to work abroad you have to specialize one field only. And I don’t have an idea about the Quality Control inspector duties and responsibilities prior to reaching UAE.

So what happened I decided to take the Quality Engineering career and to become a QA/QC Engineer which is my current job now and last to become a Quality Manager someday.

But I need to have a total of 15 to 20 years to become a Quality Manager, so exciting because when you are a Manager the salary is quite.. I may say Wow! (Laughing)

I would like to tell you that when you are on your first step in the Quality Engineering field, your position would probably be a Quality Control Inspector.

I want to make it clear, I mentioned in this article that I did not mention that I was a Quality Control or QC Inspector at that time when I had my first job or first contract in one of the well-known companies in the UAE.

I would like to show briefly the ladder of this career to make it crystal clear. I started as Civil Inspector in the Philippines and Quality Control Inspector on my first job in the UAE, then QA/QC Engineer now in the second company I connected with which I got a total of ten years of works to experience from that time frame. The next step would be Senior QA/QC Engineer and after that QA/QC Manager someday.

In my previous article, I have mentioned that I had my first contract in one of the biggest construction company in the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) that was way back 2007, so I was a novice then when it comes to any documentation jobs, but physical jobs like site surveillance, inspection and checking ongoing works on site, it was normal because that was my work as Civil Inspector in the Municipality of Puerto Princesa, Philippines way back 2003.

For newly graduate and newly born Civil Engineers here are the “Duties and Responsibilities” as Quality Control or QC Inspector that you might want to consider.

Quality Control or QC Inspector Duties and Responsibilities: 

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That was my Duties and Responsibilities as a Quality Control or QC Inspector. You can simply follow those Duties and Responsibilities and you are good to go for Quality Control Inspector job.

If you have suggestions and supplements on the above Quality Control or QC Inspector Duties and Responsibilities, please comment in the comment box below.

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