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Tour in Singapore: How A Quality Engineer Spent Quality Time During Vacation

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We spent 3 days in Malaysia, as I planned, the continuation of our tour was Singapore, we arrived exactly on the 24th of December ’15 it’s before Christmas.

Singapore is just almost 45 minutes by plane from Malaysia but you can ride the train too, it’s just 5 hours to reach Singapore. But that time we used the plane so that we can maximize the time, we had only 3 days to spend, we should start the tour as early as possible. But if you want to take the train for the sake of experience well that’s a good idea.

Now, here is “Tour in Singapore: How A Quality Engineer Spent Quality Time During Vacation.”

1. If You Want to Tour in Singapore Booked a hotel first

Before we had started our tour, I booked a hotel in M Hotel to secure our shelter there 🙂 and for the first-timer, the immigration officer will ask you where you will live in Singapore so,  make sure you booked the hotel first before entering Singapore or if you have relatives residing in SG that’s no problem at all.

We had a very nice experience with M Hotel they have good facilities, good service and it is very near to Marina bay it is a walking distance from the train station and shopping malls and convenient stores.  You can check more of the hotel’s details and facilities here.

Our bedroom in the M Hotel

2. At 24th of December in Marina Bay

After we checked-in in M Hotel we went to Marina Bay to see the Merlion and the Marina Bay and the towering Marina Sands Hotel. But before entering Marina Bay we posed a little bit :).

The Merlion is half fish and half lion, it is located at Merlion Park. When you want to visit Singapore, you must see Merlion.

The Merlion

More photos on our first day of our tour in Singapore.



3. Christmas in Universal Studios

On the 25th day of December 2015, exactly Christmas day, we spent our whole day in Universal Studios. Once you’ll get inside the universal studios you will be amazed the amusing rides like my Sons favorites are “The Transformers” and the Roller Coaster. The unforgettable moment was when we were in the transformers, it was really like real. Just try and you’ll see :).

When we get inside the universal studios we found the guide of the rides.

To cut the tour short inside the universal studios, when we were about to go out, we have experienced the artificial falling snow.


More photos on our second day in Singapore.


4. Gardens by the Bay

On the last day of our tour, we went to the Gardens by the Bay.

The Gardens by the Bay is a park located in central Singapore. It is near to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Marina Bay.

We roamed around the Gardens by the bay and then we headed towards marina bay taking the road near the seashore and then we get inside the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. And then we climbed up to the bridge where you can find the museum and the other way to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It was really enjoyable because a lot of people were also enjoying it, it was so much fun and it was almost sunset. Amazing when we get to the inner bridge inside the hotel. I miss the place really, soon we’ll come back there. And before I end up here are more photos of our last tour on 26th December 2015.

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Now, if you want to go for a vacation you may book your hotel first. Just make sure to secure your hotel before getting inside Singapore or in any other places that you would like to go to, just type in the name of the City or the Hotel in the search box below that you would like to visit and stay. Good luck.

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