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Why Advertise on Quality Engineers Guide?

We reach over 36,300 real visitors on our site monthly, and it gets over 53,000 average page views every month, which puts us at the forefront of the international companies all over the world and even local companies in our sector.

In our everyday work, we focus primarily on: Modernity, Professionalism, and Innovation. We can determine the exact target of our viewers and fully optimize your advertising needs thanks to online tools for analyzing website statistics.

We will be proud to cooperate, providing services such as advertising, PR and patronage of events sponsored by regional companies. We support our activities with social media, which enriches the full range of services and media of our portal. Our social media presence includes Facebook page with 7,915 followers, Facebook group with 6,100 members, YouTube with 9,670 subscribers, an email list with 7,800 subscribers, a LinkedIn account with 6,800 network connections, a Pinterest page with nearly 9,100 page views monthly, and Instagram & Twitter with 953 followers combined. Our followers and page views on those social networks are rapidly growing every month.


We are always looking forward as an engineering online portal specifically quality engineering, so we use the latest journalistic and PR techniques and platforms to improve our standards of communication with customers.


We provide advice and help to support your company’s marketing activities internationally and locally. We are building a new quality range of advertising services in our business sector.


We are an innovative engineering online portal which is well-known among our customers, so advertising with us will bring you into their awareness and build your image and reputation too.

So How Can We Help You With Your Advertising Options?

1. Ad Block 300×250 Banner

This is a banner with your company advertisement placed on the sidebar – the most visible place on this website. This one is the most prominent banners offered on our site and due to its clear and excellent visibility, it will attract many potential customers. We honestly recommend advertising this way, as it is a handy tool for your business.

There are two options for you for advertising in this slot, both of which have a strong impact on the user:

– static: These most often present a graphic element (in gif or jpg format) containing the company’s logo, encouraging the user to click on the advertisement,
– animated: These consist of several automatically changing graphics elements creating the illusion of animation.

View Ads Formats Here

2. Skyscraper 125×225 Advertisement

This button is also placed on the sidebar. They are easy to spot and will bring you valuable user attention. The advertising graphics element is positioned in separate advertising space on the website.

It is in the shape of a rectangular with dimensions of 125×225. Clicking on the banner directly takes the user to any advertising campaign, link, or website you are promoting. This ad has a similar feature as the ad banner ad.

3. Sponsored content/article/post

The saturation of advertisements on many sites can make the user less and less susceptible to reading promotional materials. Therefore, a powerful way to smuggle information about a brand is in a sponsored article. This makes the reader, once the reader reaches the end of the text, become interested in the product being advertised. Sponsored articles placed on our website are extremely valuable, especially in terms of content, which will make for a very positive and prestigious reception of your product or service.

The aim of the sponsored article may be to promote the service, improve the image, inform about the product, evoke emotions, induce thoughts. This material is an excellent alternative to the ads that surround us. If the article is characterized by unobtrusive promotion and useful content, answering different questions or needs, it can attract those interested in your services to your website. The storytelling format is often used for a sponsored article – telling a story with the use of a given brand.

The potential customer then realizes, after reading your article, that your service may be useful for him – the text is unusual for the user and then prompts them to buy your product or interact with your company.

Our articles are always written by us and they are always revised before publication to avoid duplicate content on the internet, so you can trust us that the content will be appropriate, correct, useful, and of course, will attract more and more potential customers.

Visit our sponsored post features and terms (Sponsored post).

4. Sponsored Reviews

A review is a form of an article with a schematic structure: it contains valuable information, consisting of analytical, critical, and evaluative elements. A sponsored review is a kind of advertisement for your company that is focused on the bright side of your product or service, showing your potential customers the most significant value and possibilities provided by your product or service. We can create a sponsored review of your product or service if it is related to our niche. We strictly adhere to the practice of writing sponsored reviews professionally and ethically. This means that your review will potentially be seen as very significant numbers of readers who already placed their trust in us as an authority in the sector. This can lead to the attraction of many new potential customers.


How can you start?

Please feel free to contact us anytime at our contact page: We will be more than happy to assist you and meet your needs regarding advertising on our website, and we will work with you to find the best way to cooperate, for the greatest advertisement solutions. You can also contact us at

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