I want to give you a step-by-step guide on how to buy this product. So, you could easily avail it. Actually, this is my answer to those who had experienced difficulties on how to get this product.

1. First step

When you are on the product page like what you can see in the below image. Just click the “Add to cart” button that in the violet color then you will be taken to step 2. Note: don’t worry about the image why it is not the image of the product you want to buy because this is just a presentation purpose only.


2. Second Step

After clicking the Add to cart button you will be taken to the page like in the below image. You can see now the “View Cart” button. Please click that then you will be taken to the next step.


3. Third Step

After clicking the “View Cart” button you will be taken to Cart page like the image below. Sometimes the quantity appear is more than one then what you will do is to hover the cursor over the quantity drop down tab to reduce the quantity to one. Then click “Update Cart” button for the page to update.


Once the page is updated like below image then you can click “Proceed to Checkout” button. But wait, if you have coupon code then you can fill the coupon tab  and then click “Apply Coupon” you will then see the price will be updated. After clicking the proceed to checkout you will be taken to the next step.


4. Fourth Step

After clicking “Proceed to Checkout” you’ll be taken to “Checkout” page like below image. Fill all blank spaces provided with an asterisk (*) symbol it only means necessary to fill-in.



If you are a new customer make sure to tick the small box at the left side of “Create an Account.” Because you’ll gonna be keeping all your purchases details there and the product download. Make sure also to keep your password write down on your notebook because you’ll gonna use it in logging in on your account in the future.

Once all are filled up you can click “Proceed to Paypal” to process the purchase.

5. Step Five

After clicking “Proceed to Paypal” button you will then be taken to Paypal. If you already have an account with Paypal just type in your email and password directly and make buy, if no. Please read here in order for you to have an overview how to have an account with Paypal.


6. Step Six

After clicking the “Log in” button you will then be taken to your Paypal back office as like below image. Just check if everything is correct then click “Pay Now” button to process the payment.


7. Step Seven

After clicking the “Pay Now” you will be taken to “Thanks for your order” page. And then click “Return to (your email) with the red arrow pointing at the right side.


Once you click that one more page will show off the final thanks for your order page. Like the image below. If you are not redirected to the download page within 10 seconds you may click the Click Here button to go ahead to the download page.

how to buy product 10

8. Step Eight

If you are on the download page you will see the below image. It will show your order details and the product that you bought. You will see “Download” click the link of the product beside that and then the product will start to download.

how to buy product 11

Thank you very much…