7 Projects In Dubai That You Can’t Imagine Were Created

Dubai is a tourist paradise that combines business and luxury. Also known as the city of the superlatives and the unexpected, Dubai has transformed its skyline into something unique and inspired architecture.

It has some of the most amazing mega projects in the world. In fact, you cannot believe that certain structures ever existed in the world.

To be precise, Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, the tallest hotel in the world and the only country with a 7 Star hotel in the entire world. Here are some of the 7 projects in Dubai that you can’t imagine were created:


1. Burj Khalifa


Known as the tallest building and manmade structure in the world, Burj Khalifa is an iconic structure in Dubai and the world at large. Stretching to 828 meters in the sky, it is the tallest building ever created by man.

The tower is home to the highest mosque in the world located on the 158th floor, and it also contains the highest swimming pool in the world situated on the 76th floor of the megastructure.

The tower has the highest viewing platform in the world located on the 124th floor. The skyscraper is shaped like a pyramid and houses executive 900 residences, office suites, and the luxurious Armani Hotel.

When you look at this structure, you will not agree that it was created by man. It is just amazing and jaw-dropping. This building holds some of the impressive world records in architecture and design and it is because of this fact that thousands flock to Dubai just to have a glimpse of this iconic structure.


2. Dubai Mall




This is the largest shopping center in the world by area. Yes, you got it right, the biggest shopping mall in the world. it has 1,200 retail outlets, over 160 food and beverage outlets, several department stores, and a large entertainment zone attracting over 750,000 visitors on a weekly basis.

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The Dubai Mall is home to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, a 250-room luxury hotel, and has the largest viewing panel in the world.

The Dubai Fountain is right outside this mall with its magnificent dancing waters.

It is a site that excites and attracts thousands to Dubai. For lovers of fashion, there are over 70 signature outlets including retailers like Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale.

You can also check out Fashion Avenue and experience the latest fashion collections from renown designers across the globe, for example, Versace, Burberry just to mention but a few.

The Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink, the children’s Kidzania and the indoor cinema complex are some of the exciting things for families.

3. Palm Jumeirah


This is the world’s largest man-made island. It is one of the most ambitious development projects in the world. It is a combination of artificial islands with a two-kilometer trunk and a crown made up of 17 fronds and a surrounding crescent.

The islands make up a palm tree shape, which adds up to 78 kilometers to the coastline of Dubai. The Palm Trilogy comprises the Palm Deira, the Palm Jebel, and the Palm Jumeirah. It houses luxury hotels, water theme parks, exclusive beachside homes, marinas and entertainment spots. It is vital to point out that the Palm Jumeirah was launched in 2001 and the first residences were handed over in 2006 comprising of luxury villas and apartments.

The Palm is fully developed with road, tunnels and public transport. This makes it easier for visitors to access different hotels, attraction sites, and restaurants on the island. You can also sail around this manmade island on a yacht or on a speedboat and enjoy touring the Palm Jumeirah.

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Ibn AlBahr and Aji are some of the best restaurants here offering Japanese-Peruvian cuisine among other delicacies. Additionally, the two restaurants offer great scenic views of the Arabian Gulf, the skyline of Dubai and the Majestic Burj Al Arab.

4. Cayan Tower


Also known as the Infinity Tower, the Cayan Tower is the tallest high-rise building in the world with a twist of 90 degrees. It is a luxury apartment building with a helical shape. Each floor of this building is identical in the plan but designed carefully to rotate 1.2 degrees in comparison to the previous floor. The tower house 495 luxury apartments.

The 80-storey iconic building stands 305 meters from its base to the crown. The most astonishing feature of this building is that there is no single structural pillar inside the building.

5. The Floating Bridge


The Floating Bridge in Dubai is yet another iconic structure in the United Arab Emirates. The bridge was built in 2007 with the primary goal of reducing traffic on the Al Maktoum Bridge.

The bridge carries six lanes and has a width of 2 x 22m and a length of 365 meters. The bridge was constructed using hollow concrete bricks to allow it to float on water. It is essential to note that the entire project was completed in a record time of only 23 days.

6. The World


The World Islands is a collection of 300 manmade islands designed in the shape of the world map. The artificial archipelago is located 4 kilometers off the Dubai coast. It is made from tons of sand rock and the whole area covers 6 x 9 kilometers. It is surrounded by an oval-shaped breakwater island giving it a distinct shape.

However, its world map shape is visible by satellite or from the top of the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa. The 300 small islands are divided into four different categories, estate homes, private homes, community islands and dream resorts. Each island is for sale and they are ready for development.

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7. Dubai Marina Walk


The Marina Walk is a perfect lifestyle destination with a wide range of leisure, dining and shopping spots. The Marina Walk features 7 kilometers pedestrian walkways that lead to some of the most popular restaurants in Dubai.

The pedestrian walks are designed to ensure that families have a relaxed time in the restaurants, cafes, spa facilities, shops and retail outlets set out along the waterfront.

The Marina Dubai Walk is strategically located along Sheikh Zayed Road and is in close proximity to Dubai Internet City, Emirates Golf Club, Address Montgomerie Dubai Golf Course, the American University, Dubai Media City, and several five-star hotels. The Marina Walk covers a total development area of 50 million square feet.

It encompasses a large canal with 3.5 km of waterfront area with direct access to the sea. The Dubai Marina is home to the Dubai Marina Mall complex comprising of a mall, a shopping and entertainment destination.

Public events are always held around the Marina Walk. The area is always crowded and walking the area during the weekends particularly on Fridays and Saturdays is a huge challenge to many.

Dubai prides itself to be home to several amazing world record holding structures and attractions. Despite being in a desert, Dubai has the largest natural flower garden in the world (Dubai Miracle Garden), the tallest hotel in the world (JW Marriot Marquis Dubai Hotel), the world’s tallest residential building (The Princess Tower), the world’s largest indoor snow park (the Ski Dubai), and many more. Other projects are ongoing that will elevate the status of Dubai to incredible heights.

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