7 Reasons Why Engineers Want to Work In Dubai

You might have heard of engineers talking about working at Dubai, and you might also feel curious why these professionals are aiming for such work. Well, the answer is simple, an engineer in Dubai get to experience tons of advantages and privileges.

It is, in fact, one of the best-paying countries in the engineering profession. You might be thinking now that these professionals have to leave their respective families for work. But also know that such a thing is needed for them to do for the sake of the family itself. These people now, by working abroad for their families become the unsung heroes.

Just like how nurses go to USA, Canada, or Australia, these engineers are also given the opportunity to work in Dubai. This now means moving, adjusting, and the likes of changes. After experiencing what Dubai has to offer, one would surely feel so lucky and blessed to be here.

In this article, I will thoroughly discuss these perks that engineers can experience. Who knows? You might also be an engineer, and I might also be able to encourage you to work here. Be ready to experience the beauty of Dubai, fall in love with it, and have a blast of fun and experience!


1. High salary for engineers

The ultimate reason why engineers resort to working in Dubai is the high salary! This would, of course, entice anyone! Instead of working in one’s country and getting the regular or basic salary, why not go to Dubai and earn a much higher salary, which at times may also be double or triple than the usual wage back home. You get the work that you like, and in return, you also get your desired salary.

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2. No tax for salary

Working in UAE means not paying tax! How cool is that? Well, to get to work on something that you are passionate about, you receive a high salary, you feel the advantages of being in the place, and yet you do not get deducted for tax. No tax means more income and more savings! At times, this simple reason serves as a significant reason why more and more are falling in love with Dubai.


3. Two days off

There are engineering firms that allow their workers to take two days as day-off! These workers would receive the same high salary and will get to spend a couple of days of rest, something that is longer than the others. Though at times, some would resort to taking tours and short vacations. But whatever option you will do with those given offs, what is essential is that you get o ret for a long time!


4. Plenty of Specialization to choose from

Engineers have a lot of specialization to choose from. May it is Quantity Surveyor, Quality Engineer, Safety Engineer, Procurement Engineer, Material Engineer, Method Statement Engineer, Planning Engineer and a lot more, all of these are available in the work area. So, you do not have to work on a job that you do not like. With the different areas open, you would surely find one that suits your interest, passion, inclination, and talents. There is a wide array of options to choose from.

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5. Easy to apply

If you now think that this job is too good to be true and it is, therefore, difficult to apply for it. Then you’re wrong. Applying for this benefit is way more comfortable than applying for other countries. All you have to do is join participate in the different professional organizations since this would provide more opportunity for you. This will also help you build your resume better. You may try to visit the Following links for application opportunities. Example of a website which you may use is the indeed.com.


6. Engineers are respected

Being an engineer in Dubai is considered one of the essential jobs in the country. That is why it people would see that you are an engineer, they will do everything to show their respect to you. They have high regards for engineers for they believe that it is a great and noble profession. This includes assessment, evaluation, and execution of plans. Thus, making it a well-revered job in the country.


7. You can save more

The mathematics here is simple. More earnings, less tax, and more savings! After all, working abroad is not merely a matter of working “For the moment.” It is more of working for the future, and the best way to be assured of it is by having enough and maximizing savings. So that when the time comes that you have to go home for good and rest, you can be confident enough since you know that you are ready because you prepared for it.

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If you know really well how to change the way you handle finances you can drastically expand your savings with the discipline in keeping your emergency fund which I personally do and recommend to you to do.


Bonus Reason:

8. An engineer can quickly get a car

Engineers could soon get a car. To reiterate, I am not bragging about anything; I would like you to know that since cars are already a basic necessity in this place, and you have the resources or the money to buy one. That is why it is no wonder why you could see engineers here having great and even luxurious cars. Then, this another reason now serves as another advantage for engineers.


All in all, working as an engineer in Dubai has a lot of perks and benefits. Thus, the decision will be at your hands either you will try it out or not. Regardless of your choice, what matters most is that you are happy about your decision. But I would also highly recommend that you think about it thoroughly since it entails coming up with concrete decisions. Good luck!


What more reasons that you can share with us? Do you like to work in Dubai?


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