Method Statement for Liquid Applied Bituminous Waterproofing

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There are two types of waterproofing we used on the construction site, this is based on my experience. There is what we call SBS Modified Waterproofing Membrane which shall need to be torched by flame and we have Liquid Applied Bituminous Waterproofing, this one we are going to make the method statement.

The uses of each type shall be depending on the requirements or as per the specification of the project.

The Liquid Applied Waterproofing has economic advantage, guess what? You don’t need to cast blinding or PCC above it as protection when membrane-type you’ll use, but then again it is still depending on the specification.

Here is the Method Statement for Liquid Applied Bituminous Waterproofing.

1. Title

  • Method Statement for Liquid Applied Bituminous Waterproofing

2. Purpose and scope

  • This method statement shows how is the proper way of application of liquid applied bituminous waterproofing to blinding or PCC as specified in the specification and approved drawing.
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3. Work Procedure

  1. Delivery and Storage
    • Material shall be delivered to site by truck or any proprietary vehicle that material shall reached on site undamaged.
    • Make sure that material is sealed with labels indicating the manufacturer name, trademark, date of manufacture, and expiry.
    • Material shall be stored in safe material storage with shade and or at the area out of direct sunlight.
  2. Surface Preparation
    • Preparation and cleaning shall be made on the area by removing loose material and using soft broomstick or the like.
    • Oil, grease, and paints shall be removed by using rug cloth and paint scraper respectively.
    • Cracks shall be repaired with approved repairing material.


  3. Application
    • Application of liquid applied bituminous waterproofing shall be carried out by approved subcontractor or main contractor.
    • Liquid applied bituminous waterproofing system shall be applied on sound, smooth, dry clean concrete surface.
    • The substrate shall be free from cracks if any repair of crack shall then be made.
    • Firstly, earth pits and pipes shall be completed before the application of bituminous waterproofing.
    • Liquid applied bituminous waterproofing shall be laid with a roller but extra care would be taken to avoid splash and wastage of material.
    • Liquid applied bituminous waterproofing shall be applied with 2 coats but number of coatings shall be as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

4. Safety

  1. All works shall comply with the safety procedure or instruction as set out in project safety plan and municipality rules and regulations.
  2. Basic PPE shall be worn by all staff or laborers.
  3. All operatives shall be inducted before entering the site.
  4. Tool box talk shall be conducted before the activity.
  5. Approved respirator shall be worn during application

5. Equipments and Tools

  1. Roller
  2. Slow Speed Drill Machine
  3. Container
  4. Brush
  5. PPE: Gloves, Respirator, Safety warning device, Safety shoes etc.

6. Materials and References

  1. Approved Bituminous Waterproofing Material
  2. Approved Shop Drawing

Quality Engineer Tips:

a. The engineer should ensure that the substrate is perfectly cleaned before the application of waterproofing system.

b. Ensure that the material is approved before sending it to the application site.

c. Quality Engineer shall ensure that the method statement is approved prior to any work activity on site.

d. The application shall be perpendicular to each layer if two layers will be applied.

e. Submit an Inspection Request for each activity for approval.

f. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for the application and coatings.

g. In safety, ensure that the applicator is inducted before he can start the work on site.

h. The subcontractor should submit a Job Safety Risk Analysis in order to reduce the risk of the hazards of the activity in order to avoid accidents.

Any suggestions and supplements to the above method statement you may write it down and leave a reply.

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