Method Statement for Footing Concrete Pouring

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When we talk about foundations, there are various types that we can use depending on the structural design. The types of foundations are Isolated footing, Combined Footing, Mat Foundations, Strap Foundations, Bored Pile, Pile Drive, etc. So in this article, we’ll talk about isolated footing concrete pouring.

In our project, we do have usually Isolated footing foundations. When I was in my previous company we had Mat Foundation which I’m going to write a method statement later. So I’m going to share with you the Method Statement or Procedure on how we’ll going to pour concrete on the footing foundation.

Here is the Method Statement for Footing Concrete Pouring

1. Title

Method Statement for Footing Concrete Pouring

2. Scope

The purpose of this Method Statement for Footing Concrete Pouring is to describe the measures and ways of completing concrete pour work for footings on this project. The works shall be carried out in compliance with the drawings and project specifications.

3. Work Procedure for MS for Footing Concrete Pouring

  1.  Reinforcement
    • It is intended to cut and bend rebar on site as per the bar bending schedules.

    Footing Image

    • Some footings are composed of top and bottom reinforcement, the bottom bars shall be supported with concrete block or spacer of correct thickness.
    • Inspection Request ( IR ) would be submitted for steel reinforcement for checking and approval of the Engineer prior to concrete casting.
  2. Casting
    • Make sure that the area within the shutter to be poured with concrete is cleaned. Remove all rubbish, dirt, and any other deleterious material via an air compressor.
    • Inspection Request can be submitted to the Engineer or Consultant for approval of fixed steel reinforcement and installed forms if casting shall not take place on the same day.

    Footing Shutter Image

    •  Readymade concrete shall be provided from batching plant approved by the Engineer. The rate of concrete supply shall be 30 to 50 Cubic Meters per hour.
    • The required number of concrete pumps will be available on-site; extra pump will be on standby ready for any incident circumstances.
    • Concrete vibrators shall be ready to use at the time of receiving concrete. Number of vibrators shall be depending on the concreted area to improve well compaction for concrete pump.
    • Computerized delivery tickets shall be checked for conformity as per the approved design mix.
    • Slump and temperature shall be carried out from each concrete truck mixer.
    • Slump shall not be more than 150mm and not less than 100mm as per Engineers instruction and approval. Temperature of fresh concrete shall not be more than 30 deg. Celsius as per BS Standard.

    Temperature Image

    • All data required for daily concrete schedule sheet will be recorded in the daily concrete pour card.
    • Concrete at truck mixer shall not exceed more than 90 minutes from leaving batching plant.
    • On acceptance, mix shall be directly unloaded in the concrete pumps. Care shall be taken to make sure that concrete mix is not dropping from more than a height of 2 meter.
    • Concrete when introduced to the footing at the first level of 400mm shall then be vibrated, the same shall be done for the succeeding layer of concrete until footing top level is reached.


    • When concrete reaches the proposed level; hand trowelling should carry out to get a smooth surface according to the top footing level.
    • When the concrete is cured it shall then be applied with a waterproofing system in accordance with the specification.
    • For approval: Inspection request would be submitted to the Engineer or Consultant for the concrete pouring approval.
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4. Safety

  1. All works shall comply with safety procedures or instructions set out in the project safety plan and Municipality rules and regulations.
  2. Basic PPE to be worn by all staff and laborers.
  3. Trained operators and banks man will be engaged to control or operate heavy equipment machines.

5. Equipment and Tools

  1. Concrete pump
  2. Truck Mixer
  3. Boom loader
  4. Bobcat
  5. Concrete Vibrators
  6. Wheel borrow
  7. Surveying instrument
  8. Metal tape
  9. Slump cone
  10. Slump tray
  11. Trowel
  12. Cubes
  13. Shovel

6. Materials and Reference

  1. C40/20 Concrete Grade with 70-80% GGBS
  2. Deformed Bars: 20mm dia., 16mm dia., 10mm dia.

The material mentioned above is as per our project specification, please read your project specs before writing the method statement for footing concrete pouring.

If you have any further comment or suggestion on the above method statement for footing concrete pouring, you may write it down or leave a reply below.


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