Method Statement for Non Fire-rated Insulated Roller Shutter Door

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Constructing hangars or warehouses require a roller shutter door for the main doors. Some projects require fire-rated nsulatedrollershutterdoordoor depending on the project or specification requirement. Presently, we install nonfire-rated roller shutter door.

In this method statement, we will discuss the steps to install or erect a non-fire rated insulated roller shutter door.

1. Title

The Method Statement for Non-Fire Rated-Insulated Roller Shutter Door

2. Scope of Work

2.1. General Description

The primary reason for generating this method statement is to explain the installation process of Non Fire-Rated Insulated Roller Shutter Door as a specified requirement SP Section 0000 and as illustrated in standard related drawings.

2.2. Tools/Equipment:

A. Tools include:
• Hammer
• Scaffolding
• Meter
• Genie Lift (Jack Lift)
• Aluminum Ladder

B. Electrical equipment includes:
• Cutting Machine
• Grinding Machine
• Drilling Machine

2.3. Materials/Reference

2.3.1 Materials

(a) The company supply the necessary materials
(a1) Heavy Duty Steel Insulated Roller shutter with other required accessories
(a2) Electric motors (3phase 415 V50Hz and Single phase 230v 50Hz)

2.3.2 Reference

a) Construction Material ref. no. (Place MAR ref. here)
b) Specifications- Section 0000
c) Drawings (Place approved shop drawing reference here)

2.4. Location Preparation and Planning

2.4.1 Delivery:

The Shutter doors will be delivered at site placed on wrapped, pallets or crated to prevent damage during shifting/moving to site storage. Also, the Storekeeper will inspect the materials upon arrival to make sure that compliance as per authorization and PO/DN. QC/QA Engineer will verify the material assessment to the main contractor for checking.

2.4.2 Handling:

Most of the components will be in rigid crates to prevent damage.

2.4.3 Storage:

Store shutter door uncovers and shaded inside rooms are protected from exposure to light radiation, undercover, placed above floors, damp surfaces and elevated from wet floors.

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2.5 Work Methodology

2.5.1 Before Shutter Door Installation Mockup: Mock-up will be built up for endorsement of the company manager. Before the commencement of the installation, the door openings will be equipped with all the basic builder’s works finished where applicable. The access to the site must be safe and easily transport all the components. Wall surface plumbed, and openings will also be square. The door guides and back-covers removed are fixed on the walls. The drum get-together with the two end plates at the top of the door guides. Masonry anchors will be used to protect the endplates of the lintel beam. The drive motor and mounting bracket are installed at the middle of the endplate along the motor side. Also, the drive sprocket is fixed to the drive shaft and protected by placing the key into the keyway groove. Make sure that the sprocket is horizontally in-line with the plate wheel that is attached to the door axle. The drive chain is fixed to the sprocket, plate wheel and adjusted for proper firmness. The door curtain is delivered in a reversed rolled. It is also lifted above 500mm lower to the drum assembly and placed in position by 3-4 custom made webbing slings. The top slat is lifted along the drum assembly while rotating the drum. Protect the top slat to the anchor blocks on the drum assembly. After, transfer the remaining curtain to the drum assembly by triggering the motor to drive forward. When the drum turned freely with no spring tension, the motorway may not be able to drive the door drum. In this situation, the drum can be turned with the motor’s manual hand-chain.

Read also:  Method Statement for Application of GRP Lining Inside Water Tank The guide covers are replaced, and the door checked for smooth operation. The door is operated up and down many times to check for the right adjustment. All the required changes are made for a smooth process. Later, the door hood is installed in position, protected to the endplates at fixing points provided. Testing and Commissioning of Shutters: Testing and commissioning of shutters can be carried out easily when the power supply is stable. The wiring of the motor is connected to the 20amps isolator supplied by others. The control box in the push button will be installed with the door guide at approximately 1600mm from the completed floor level. The door is operated manually to the fully-opened position, and the upper limit switch is laid down. In the same way, the door is operated to the fully closed position to place the lower limit switch. Then, the door is electrically operated many times to check for easy operation. The control box will be mounted close to the door guide; about 1400mm from the finished floor level to the same side where the motor drive module is being positioned. The push button controls DOWN, UP and STOP will be flush mounted into the door guide, about 1400mm from the finished floor level to the same side where motor drive module is positioned. Also, the push buttons can be located in another place with consideration to building design.

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1. From control box to drive module
2. From control box to pushbuttons
3. From control box to power point. The door will be operated up and down many times to check for adequate alignment. The spring tension may be fine-tuned when applicable. All the adjustments are necessary to ensure easy operational process.

2.6 Safety

2.5.1 All the works will abide by the safety instruction/procedure as indicated in project safety plan and metropolis rules and regulation.

2.5.2 The basic personal protective equipment will be worn by all the workers involved.

2.5.3 During works, there will be adequate housekeeping passage to prevent workers from tripping over materials.

2.5.4 When working on the hand power tools (operating drilling machine), it is compulsory for operatives to make use of the right personal protective equipment such as helmets, clothing, and goggles, etc.

2.5.5 The professional operator will be allowed to handle power tools.

2.5.6 Employees working at the height above 3m will be protected by safety belts to avoid fall.

2.5.7 There will be enough sufficient lighting where applicable.

We have worked on many erected roller shutter door projects, but this one was different from all other installations.

What is the methodology used in the installation of your roller shutter door? Did you make use of the similar method as above?

You can share your thoughts and suggestion in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share with your favorite social networks.

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