What Are The Tasks Of A Document Controller?

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I got to this article because document control or document controller is part of the quality management system that a quality engineer must give importance and to monitor. If the proper document controlling is not adapted well it may produce problems and future issues in a project.

Particular attention must be dealt with the document controlling process so that a project might be moving forward and smooth sailing without issues. I also mentioned in 5 Tips To Minimize The Occurrence of Non-conformance (NCR), the proper document controller or controlling to prevent the possibility of the existence of non-conformity.

Here are 6 major tasks the document controller must do.

1. Prepare and submit transmittal: 

The transmittal that a document controller shall prepare is for shop drawing, material submittal, inspection request, method statement including ITP and checklist, pre-qualification, letter  and specification when a project is a design and construct. The transmittal will be recorded to the respective log sheet and be submitted to the consultant once signed off by a project manager or technical manager. Make sure that it is stamped before forwarding it to the receiver.

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2. Prepare correspondence, reports, and documents:

Arrange a draft letter given by the project manager and see to it that it is written grammatically before submitting it to consultants or clients. A weekly report shall be prepared through log sheets indicating the revisions, status, and approvals of the documents submitted. She/he will inform everybody in the organization via email or even hand a hard copy.

3. Logging of documents: 

Once the documents are received from the consultant put the stamp of received and log them down immediately. Don’t give a chance to leave it not to log after receiving because may it be misplaced or lost therefore, make an extra discipline on logging the docs right after a document controller receives it.

4. Set up and maintain filing system:  

A document controller must set up a filing system like making a separate box file for different documents such as drawing, inspections, material submittal, MEP documents. Put a label for each box file and make sure that is easy to trace.

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5. Maintaining and updating tracking logs and records:

A document controller shall make the separate log or register for different categories like logs of the method statement, log of drawings, log of material submittal, etc. and the logs shall be updated regularly. The updated logs shall be sent to all concerned staff every end of the week. A separate file of records of transmittal including the attached document should be made.

6. Update or Assist the Engineers with the latest revision of drawing and technical submittal:

When a document control receives the latest revision of the drawing, he shall be stamped as received and update the log. He shall stamp the old revision drawing as “superseded” when there is a higher revision and notify all engineers on-site through correspondence.

He shall issue the newly revised drawing to all concerned staff within the project and withdraw the “superseded” one from the site. Technical submittals when approved shall be distributed to all the concerned staff and if not it shall go to the technical engineer to review the consultant’s comments for compliance prior to re-submission.

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Hoping that the tasks of a document controller have helped the engineers to better understand the importance of a document control process.

Quality Engineer Tips:

1. You should make sure that the document controlling system is adopted as per the standard and project quality plan.

2. Make sure that the documents are logged on daily basis and the logs are updated.

Did you follow the above 6 tasks of a document controller? If so, please write your experience and suggestions below.

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