Method Statement for Installing Wiring Accessories

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When the installation of wiring accessories is about to begin, the civil works like blockwork or wall and ceiling areas methodforwiringaccessoriesshould be completed and cleared. There might be civil clearance but that is depending on the site condition.

So, without further ado here is the Method Statement for Installing Wiring Accessories.

1. Title

Method Statement for Installing Wiring Accessories

2. Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this method statement is for installation of wiring devices for lighting, small power, and data telephone and ELV System.

3. References

• Shop drawing (Reference no. here)
• Specification (Reference no. here)
• Material submittal approval (Reference here)

4. Materials

• Insulation tape
• Wiring accessories
• Support and fixing hardware
• Bolts and nuts
• Label identification

5. Manpower

• Project Manager
• Construction Manager
• QC Engineer
• Project Engineer
• Site Engineer
• Foreman
• Chargehand

6. Equipment & Tools

• Task lighting
• Scaffolding
• Mobile Scaffold
• Power Tools
• Hacksaw
• Measuring tape
• Drilling machine
• Spirit level
• Screwdriver

7.  Methodology

1. Once the wall has been fully finished, the installation of the wiring accessories shall be positioned in the designated location following the approved shop drawing.

2. There is a specific and fixed height when to comes to the installation of the wiring accessories, it can be seen on the specifications as well as in the approved shop drawing.

3. A proper alignment of all the accessories to the verticals and horizontal edges, plumbs, and mounted following the specific standard height stipulated below should be followed. More so, the Engineer shall be giving his/her approval about this matter.

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4. The flush accessories are supposed to be covered with fitted plates onto any surface (wall, ceiling, etc.). if it so happened that an accessory does not adhere to the proper alignment, it shall be removed for fixing purposes.

5. A flush mounting type of connection units shall be used whenever installing in control rooms, offices, and public places.

6. A surface or a panel mounting type of connection shall be used whichever is suited whenever installing in plant room, staff room, switch room, and workshop areas.

7. A weatherproof type of switches with a specific IP rating shall be used in installing in wet areas as well as external locations. This will be based on the suitable level and provided specification of each project.

8. There shall be a provision of clearances in two wiring accessories as stipulated in the approved shop drawing.

9. The four edges of a finished wall with a continuous contract shall be installed with necessary plates.

10. There should be a 1.5mm alignment tolerance with the installation of the plates.

11. The use of spirit level is essential in fixing the alignment of the accessories.

12. The sealing of both the accessories and the wall shall be done with utmost correctness.

13. There shall be a mounting of the screws and the sealing caps shall be used if needed by the specification or if recommended by the manufacturer.

14. The wiring accessories shall be used and installed in perfect condition (no visible damages, cut marks, or scratches).

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15. The box shall be cleaned well before the termination of the wire on both the sockets and switches.

16. There should be an earthing terminal directly connected to the earth continuity conductor of the final subcircuit in all the switch socket areas.

17. The switches shall be directly wired to the live side of the circuit that they are in control of.

18. The ratings of the switches as well as the sockets are in adherence to the approved shop drawing. and the stipulated specifications and submittals of materials.

19. The Polarity shall be considered in terminating.

20. The finishing plate shall be in adherence to the approved drawings and submittals of materials.

21. There should be a protection provided for all the wiring devices or accessories right after the installation.

22. There shall be a supervision of the control Engineer and the supervisor to make sure that all the materials are properly installed in adherence to the drawing approved by the shop, specification stipulated on the contract, and approved submittals.

23. When the installation is completed, the Work Inspection Report (WIR) shall be submitted to the consultant.

9. Safety

1. The wiring accessories shall be delivered through a 3 tons pickup to the site. Specifically, the vehicles which will be used in the transportation shall not be older than 10 years old beginning from the manufacturing date. It shall also undergo an inspection by the main contractor or the logistics department. There shall also be a limit of 20 kilometers per hour speed limit and adherence to the traffic signage.

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2. The company will supervise the actual loading and unloading of all the wiring accessories so that proper manual handling techniques will be ensured.

3. A material storage with a maximum height of 1.5 meters shall serve as the storage area for all the wiring accessories. Necessary suited support or wedges stopper shall also be provided.

4. The company will make sure that all the employees working on the site shall be properly equipped with the things that they have to know concerning their safety. Specifically, it involves the emergency procedures and the likes.

5. The concerned engineer or supervisor shall conduct a JSA and PTS if deemed necessary every day prior to the beginning of work of all the employees.

6. A training shall be provided by the HSE officers to the employees working on the actual installation of wiring and accessories about the manual handling as well as safety procedures.

7. There shall be an inspection and maintenance of all the tools being used in the construction. The maintenance includes a PAT test every three months and the designated power voltage shall be 110 volts using industrial sockets and double insulated cables. There shall also be a color coding in adherence to the procedures being implemented by the contractor.

What method or procedure do you follow in the installation of your wiring accessories? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.
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