Skills That a Quality Engineer Must Have

Again, I found a notification on this site saying “Skills of a Quality Engineer” I consider it as a very good question that we need to show and explain here “what are the important skills that a Quality Engineer must possess?”

In order for a Quality Engineer to become competitive he or she must possess these skills that I am going to mention here. I already mentioned from my previous post click here the communication and interpersonal skills.

Everyone should take the time to acquire skills, as I mentioned that any skill is learnable. No one has become excellent on a subject or in her or his field without learning so again don’t worry each skill that we’ll discuss here is learnable. The only discipline you must have is “focus and concentration” they said “the only requirements for success are focus and concentration.”

Here are types of skills that a Quality Engineer must learn and possess to become competitive.

Skills For Quality Engineer

Communication Skill
You need to have good English communication skill, because 80 percent of the job of Engineer is interacting and communicating with other people. They are communicating everyday with staff, Consultant, Subcontractor etc. in either way whether it is in verbal or email messages or by correspondence.

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You cannot express your point across to others if you don’t know English communication skill, if you feel you lack vocabulary so why not try to seek school that teach Technical English just to enhance your English communication or your vocabulary.

Computer Skill
You need to know this skill. You need to know the microsoft programs such as: MS Word, MS Excel, Microsoft Power point and Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft word has vital uses for a quality engineer, writing an NCR, Site Instruction, MS, ITP, Checklist etc.

Microsoft Excel for your Cube Register, QC log etc.

Can Read Drawings
This skill is one of the most important because you’ll going to check work on site like installation of reinforcement for footing, slab, column etc. Everything should be checked as per drawing. If there are mistakes during site activities that are not as per drawing like diameter of bars, spacing, ties you can then ask the Site Engineer to change and follow the drawing so that rectification shall be made before succeeding work takes place. It’s like preventing the non-conformance to happen. I do believe in the saying “Prevention is better than Rectification.”

Here are tips how to immediately obtain this skill. If something that you don’t understand on the drawing, ask from someone who has experienced about the work on site (Site Engineer or Foreman), don’t be shy its part of being a beginner. Study and search for the technical word written on drawing. There are many resources to search into like internet, books etc.

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Time Management Skill
This skill is the best skill of all. This skill will make your life better if you’ll do this religiously. Again time management skill is learnable and if you’ll make it as daily habit eventually becomes normal to you and doing this overtime will have a tremendous effect for your life.

Time management is life management, you can do everything in your life if you managed your time properly.

Here is an example of time management that quality engineer must follow.

Plan your work for a day. Again bring a spiral notebook with you everyday and you’ll use that to list down the things you’ll do in that day. Each in every morning before start work think what you want or need to do, write them down. Like for example: Site inspection, write method statement, talk to your boss, lunch, check drawing, answering phone, opening email, calling someone, eating snacks etc. In short “Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.”

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Apply 80/20 rule for that list, the 80/20 rule was developed by an Italian Engineer Vilfredo Pareto.  He said make “20 percent of the work will account 80 percent of value.” And like in sales “80 percent of the profit will come from 20 percent of the product.” So what is that means? From your list of activities to do, you’ll start on the 20 percent which will give good progress or value don’t start on those things which are not important. Doing this discipline overtime will make you successful on your job.

The best words that I always ask with myself to make me disciplined and following my time management rule. I ask this to myself “What is the most valuable use of my time right now?” Ask that over and over again until that discipline will become normal on you.

Hoping that the above has helped the beginners on “what are the skills they need to possess” and start acquiring skills so that you’ll become competitive and successful quality engineer.

Good Luck Engineers! Cheers!


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