7 Characters Of A Quality Engineer That You Should Maintain

A quality engineer must possess a high standard of ethical conduct and maintain the insurmountable characters and thatcharactersofaqaqcengineer is what we will discuss in this blog. As quality engineer holds a huge responsibility that is ensuring quality, that is directly related to the integrity of the structure or project, quality engineers should have superb characters that he or she naturally possess.

These are the characters that you possess to gain a high standard of trust and respect from your co-workers, subcontractors, and consultant.

These characters could gain the Best Points of a Quality Engineer if you maintain.

Here are some of the characters and personality a quality engineer should have and maintain.

1. Honest and Sincere

Being honest and sincere will never go out of style. Especially for quality engineers with tremendous responsibility. They speak with various people like clients and consultants. Being true to his or her roles and responsibility, quality engineers should be able to honestly tell the truth when asked by a consultant.

You should be honest at all times when consultant or representative of the client will throw questions about critical issues on site. These qualities are even heeded and looked up to by professionals as this is also a sign of high-level professionalism. Clients and consultants will eventually trust any quality engineer with these characteristics.

2. Proactive and team player

Quality engineers are part of a team, that team is the entire construction team that should work with each other to attain a common goal that is to finish the project on time, on quality and on budget. Meaning, every quality engineers should be proactive and a team player. Although there will be times that a quality engineer has antagonist because of the nature of its work, they still need to be a team player understanding the position and roles of different professional he or she is working with. Each professional has different scope and some roles would eventually clash. In the end, the spirit of teamwork should prevail.

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3. Hardworking

Regardless of any intellectual capacity, truly, hardworking people would always beat the talented ones. Employers consider it a gem finding workers who are hardworking. This is also a characteristic a quality engineer should have as they are in the department with the fastest engineering transitions. Some practices may be deemed obsolete the next week, or some raw material may run out, thus, a substitute of equivalent specifications should be used.

Furthermore, quality engineers hold a huge responsibility that is the overall integrity of the project, they need to catch up to whatever site ongoing installations and be able to check it all so project’s quality will never be compromised.

4. Developed interpersonal and communication skills

As quality engineers face several people, they should have a developed communication and interpersonal skills. Again, with the nature of its work, it is normal for quality engineers to clash with several personnel on site. Looking for a quality engineer with developed interpersonal and communication skills is a must. He or she should be able to deliver what it wants to imply in the most professional manner. Basically, most of the source of site worker problem is the improper delivery of speech or use of word that a person used when speaking. The quality engineers should be able to correct a certain person’s work or output without hurting his or her feelings. Truly, this is one of the challenges quality faces on site.

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5. High rectitude and moral

Technically, quality engineers are the ones who approve the quality of the scope before any contractor could bill the scope. Most of the time, the contractor would just need to win the heart of the quality engineers as most but not all may be subjected or at least were tempted to any form of bribery. Quality engineers should have that sense of professionalism and knowledge to draw the line. They should be trustworthy enough to not accept any form of a bribe in exchange for lowering his or her quality standards.

6. Hungry for knowledge and continuous education

Nearly all, and not only limited to quality engineers should have this character. Several globally accepted practices were deemed to be obsolete as engineering and construction continue to breakthrough. Quality engineers should have this characteristic. Especially that they are in the department where progression is fast. Continuous learning curve should be one of the characters your quality engineers should have as the engineering world continuous to progress and he or she should never be left behind.

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There are 5 important trainings that a quality should take up and you should consider making a priority and aiming to have those training.

7. Realistic

Quality engineers should be realistic at all times, knowing that on an actual basis, no one could get the planned drawing as it is. There will always be tile undulations and tolerable water ponding for floor tiles. He or she should, of course, be realistic about setting his or her standards. So with setting the timeline for any rectification works. Some rectification is time-consuming. Meaning, quality engineers should set a realistic timeline and realistic budget for it.

These are some characters or personality a quality engineer should have. Holding such huge responsibility, your quality engineers should be above all professional in all he or she does. I believe, once your quality engineer has that sense of professionalism, everything else will fall on its place.

What character do you possess? Do you maintain all of the above characters?

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