The Document Control Procedure

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Like what I wrote on what-are-the-tasks-of-a-document-controller still just wants to pursue regarding document controlling topic because this will really help Quality Engineer to better understand the document controlling processes. And most importantly for a Document Controller to follow this procedure.

Here is a document control procedure that I made and submitted to the Engineer.


This procedure describes the specific working methods which will be used to carry out the document controlling system in this project.


2.2 General Description

The purpose of this procedure is to describe the measures and ways of proper distribution, movement and keeping of all documents in this project with the responsibility of the document control management.

This procedure defines the mechanism for controlling project documents. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that those personnel requiring access to project documents will have the most up-to-date revisions and are aware of the document control process.

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The procedures set forth on this document is in compliance with the (company) quality management system and relevant international standards.


2.3 Reference

2.3.1 Project Quality Plan
2.3.2 International Standards

2.4 Definition

  • Document control – is a function or department which keep track of all documentation, specifications and processes. The purpose is to ensure is everyone uses the correct and most current processes and specifications.
  • The document control function has the responsibility to manage document flow and storage in an organization through various functions and processes.
  • Document controller – is a person who manages all the documents of an organization for a project or a whole organization.

2.5 Responsibilities

  • Project Manager – will be responsible for reviewing all contract documentation and assessing any further information required to complete the project.
  • Document control – responsible for documentation and filing system. Distribute all docs to the concerned personnel maintain and efficient project related document control register etc.
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2.6 Procedures/Methodology

  • The document control management representative shall be responsible for coordinating, developing, issuing and controlling project or organization documents.
  • Procedures shall be in a format that is consistent with other controlled documents.
  • The document control representative shall maintain a master log of project or organization documents.
  • The documents to be controlled are; contract documents, shop drawings, material submittal, inspections, request for information, correspondence etc. The particular documents shall be kept separately in a clearly labeled file. The document control representative shall ensure all documents are kept within one location and immediately be accessible.
  • Each area or department body should maintain an updated log of all project organization documents relevant to their area, as applicable.
  • Relevant documents are available at the locations where they are needed.
  • Personnel or staff ensures current revisions are available and used.
  • The project manager and technical manager shall review and approve changes to project documents.
  • All controlled documents shall be marked with the words “CONTROLLED DOCUMENTS”.
  • Controlled documents shall be placed on the box files, computer system or in a programme for system archiving and to make sure an easy access once needed.
  • All controlled documents issued by the document control management representative shall be recorded on a master log sheet.
  • The document control management shall provide noticed to affected personnel to ensure that they are aware of the new or revised document and issue controlled copies of those documents to the appropriate personnel.
  • All documents not marked with the words “CONTROLLED DOCUMENT” shall be considered uncontrolled and if found at personnel hands it shall be withdrawn and stamp as uncontrolled copy.
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Hoping that this will help a “Document Controller” to better understand the proper document controlling processes. If you have comments and suggestions please leave a reply below. Please visit our Facebook page, Google plus page and Twitter.

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