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There was one search on this site; it appeared to be like this “Definition of Checklist and How to build.” Let us give a response for that search by making a post for that alone, it may have been a kind of request.

I am going to give a definition and ways on how to build a checklist and I am going to show also the sample checklist. But first, let me give a definition of Checklist.

Checklist Definition
The checklist is a list of items to be noted or checked in a completed part of activity. It is always attached with the Inspection Request (IR) to be signed-off by concern parties once the inspection is accepted.

A Checklist shall be made for each activity on site. It is the basis of confirmation that a part of activity has been done as per method or procedure of the work.

The checklist shall be done after a construction of method statement and Inspection and Test Plan.

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Here is a sample of a Checklist for Block Works activity.

Block Work Image

Checklist for Block Works

ITEMAtivities/Items to be InspectedConforms (YES/NO)ContractorEngineer/
a). Preparatory Inspection
1MS/ITP/Shop Drawing Approved
2Materials Approved by Client or Engineer
b. Final Inspection
1Check Setting out and Surface Preparation
2Blocks are dampened with water before installation
3Mortar Mix as per approved MS
4Number of course as specified and approved
5Blockwork joints were properly filled with mortar and rake to form key for plaster
6Wall ties are fixed at junctions of concrete walls and columns and all requiered
7Horizontal stack provided as per method statement
8All required MEP embedments and openings are in placed
9Alignment and verticality checked
10Compressible filler and sealant provided
11Curing is made
Comments/ Discrepancies (If any:)

That’s how to build a checklist. If you have suggestions please feel free to comment and leave your reply.

To those who wants to request for a soft copy of the complete format (excel format) of this checklist please comment or leave your request below and I’m going to send to you via email. you can now download from here Check list Sample Format.

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