What is Quality?

Here is the History or Etymology of the word Quality from en.wiktionary.org/wiki/quality: Quality from Middle English, from Old French Qualité, from Latin Qualitatem, accusative of Qualitas.

But unfortunately there is great deal of confusion relating to the real meaning of “Quality”. Here we’ll try to deliver the most comprehensive meaning of Quality so anybody could easily understand.

I’ve learned in my Lead Auditor Training, the clear meaning Quality and essence. The word “Quality” is a non-specific term which has no meaning until it is translated into the various features and characteristics of a product or output and or service all of which may then specified in the form of standard or level of service.

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Customers or clients will judge the “Quality” of what they buy or services provided for them by how their needs and expectations are satisfied by these features and characteristics, including the budget or the price the Client will have to pay specifically in construction.

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That is true for any customer or client, whether a general consumer, industrial buyer or Local Government.

“Quality” therefore is not about providing a high standards product and or service, but about providing the “right” standard or output to retain and attract clients or customers.

In short “Quality” is about customer satisfaction.

Therefore, Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product and or service that leads to Customer Satisfaction.

In construction we will provide the service or product that would satisfy the requirements of the Client then “Quality” would then be met.

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