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Hi! I want to say “Thank You!” for visiting this blog and everyone is always welcome to see, visit, subscribe and comment on my blog.

I want to start telling, “Who am I?” I could say I am a dreamer, they said “people must have dreams” in order to succeed in life so I dreamed to become an Engineer that’s why I did all my best to get this title I have now. I just want to wrap up the story, I won’t write here how I succeed despite hardships during college and during review until the board exam until I got a Civil Engineer title on my hands.

Furthermore, I’m also a doer too, what I’d thought then I would really do that so I’m kinda little dangerous ha ha! No! What I mean is that whatever comes into my mind that can give a better impact to my life I surely do that,  that’s why I was involved in many business ideas.

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These are the ideas that I’ve involved in: I joined Network Marketing, Internet Marketing and Financial Services Institution etc. I tried also to become a blogger, but I think it will happen in the coming days.

When I first heard the term “blog” if I am not mistaken it was the year 2012. And my learning to make blog had begun that year until now I am still learning. I’ve read various books just to learn how to make a blog and then finally I can manage now to make my website for blogging with my own powers ha ha.

So I told myself “Since I know now how to make a website and how to blog, why don’t I share all I’ve learned from being a Quality Engineer via blogging so that I could help other aspirants and ease their learning and could immediately make their selves up to the hill of success.”


Now I made this new site, it was launched on the web on December 2013 last year. I was searching for the best name of the domain then, but almost all good domain names are already taken and to cut the story short then finally I named it as qualityengineersguide.com with a title of the site, Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Construction.

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This blog will be focusing on my experiences as Quality Engineer so this will really help and could be a guide for those newly born Engineers and for those persons who would want to take the journey what I have taken. The best here is that anyone can become a Quality Engineer as long as he/she has the courage and burning desire and most importantly has obtained a college degree that is a primary prerequisite.

This site might be a reference also for those who are already in the field of Quality Engineering. And I will do my best to make this site interesting and valuable to every Engineer who may reach this site.

So I invite you to subscribe to this blog to get my new posts direct into your inbox and you can like and share this blog with your social networks.

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