4 Best Points Of A Quality Engineer That You Should Know

Quality Engineer is a technical person in the construction industry that sets the standard for quality service, evaluates, inspects, controls, and ensures the overall integrity and quality of the work output to ensure customer satisfaction. Quality engineers work with the consultants and designers who are the one that sets up the construction’s designed metrics to ensure top-notched product.



Quality Engineer Knows the Standard

As a quality engineer, it is expected that they have these sets of standards and specifications that they are strictly enforcing on site.

These standards are followed in a systematic and improvement-friendly manner. The developed measurement for performance and reports the requirement with a set of quality parameters duly approved by the engineer for each construction stages. The Construction Tolerances – Must Remember by Quality Engineer is the best example.

Quality Engineer Ensures the Related Project Documents are Followed

They ensure that documentation like project quality plan, quality manuals, and method statement are strictly followed and sets requirements for quality parameters for a site inspection.

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They ensure that whatever material installed on site are all as per specifications and plans. They are also responsible that whatever is billed during progress billings are duly accepted by them and are actually billable itself.

Quality Engineer is Supportive of the Project Staff

They support to project engineers and project staff with whatever quality concerns and issues and provide them with the needed tools to ensure the overall quality and integrity of the project.

Even before a problem arises, quality engineers are expected to be ahead of their game and project in advance possible customer concerns and solved them beforehand. Quality engineers analyses beforehand probable quality problems, identify the root cause, and implement corrective actions and approved methodology for the off-plan action. They should be pro-active and can foresee what can happen in the future.

Say an example, a certain external door as per plan has no canopy. Due to probable rainfall, there should be a canopy, the quality engineers then have to recheck plan and propose for a canopy. The designer may have just forgotten to put one.

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Quality Engineer is Proactive and Thinker

They aim to lessen the root causes of future quality concerns, thus, reducing the risk or cause of any design failure be it aesthetically or structurally. They ensure that whatever material arrival and ordered material coincides with the standards to avoid cost wastage due to wrongly purchased items.

Wrongly purchased items should never be installed without the approval of the designer or any technical person in authority to reduce the risk of failure. On the side of the contractor if where you belong as a quality engineer, it should be your technical department who has the first hand to approve any designs before allowing them to use on site. Project integrity and quality are something that cannot be compromised as this would surely cause costly problems if left unnoticed.

Quality Engineer is Smart

Furthermore, quality engineers need to be people smart with top-notch communication skills as usually they are customer-facing personnel. In most construction projects, it is the project manager and quality engineers that faces the client or customer.

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By any chance you are planning to become a quality engineer, you will monitor and collects feedback from them as to the expectations and quality concerns and interact with customers or clients to resolve their issues. For the construction firm’s side, investing or scouting a quality engineer with good customer skills is an advantage.

Also, for those aspiring to be quality engineers, you should have the charisma to encourage a good relationship with the customer or client and have the integrity and gut to strictly enforced quality assurance and quality control on site. Quality is a scope in the construction that needs to be always watched and enforced.

What are your best points? Do you always go with the engineer for a joint inspection?

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