5 Tips To Boost Your Career And Achieve Success On Your Job This 2015

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The year 2014 has ended, and again we are here in the first month of the new year. We will face a new beginning of our life, new attitude, new tasks and perhaps new resolutions. Why I am telling these because we are at new days of another new year :). But in the real world, there are no changes again.

You might be telling to yourself, “yeah that’s true, why there were no changes?”

For over the years in your job you were not taking absences, you came to the office on time, and working faithfully with your company and even from all of those efforts you’ve exerted no even single penny is added to your paycheck or even haven’t got promoted. Maybe, you are nodding right now, but that’s the truth.

You might be asking yourself these “What are the reasons?“What sort of action that can lift me up in the current position?” “What are the things that I need to do to improve my status in my company?” And so on and so forth.

Maybe you are the one asking yourself right now. And if you are, then here are a few tips to at least improve our life, get promoted, and achieve success in our job. There maybe be secrets I would say. So now read carefully about the “5 Tips To Boost Your Career And Achieve Success In Your JOB This 2015.”


1. Setting up goals.

If you have not yet started to set up goals, start now. A person doesn’t have goals set-up has no directions to where he will end up in his/her life. This is the most probable reason why anyone in their life ended up no achievements. The one, who flashes there, flashes here and cannot be counted on over the long-term. In my researched, among successful people, all of them have written their goals, and so can you.

You might be asking “How I set up goals?

Take a notebook with you with a pen and write down your goals for this 2015. Make sure your goals are written and keep it with you so every time you want to check the progress it can be opened easily. The best time, to check, is before you go to bed, keep track of your goals. Make goals that are realistic, that it can be achieved before the deadline. Like for example, “I promoted as Senior Quality Engineer by December 2015,”  “I completed 5 training’s by December 2015.”

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2. Skills that will boost your career.

If you don’t have any skills right now, start now on building skills. If you have a few and you would like to add more why not, there is no dollar amount to gather skill, it is not easy but it’s so simple. Just have a desire to make it happen. Skills are great means towards success in your career.

Pick one skill that you’ll first prioritize, because you can’t be good at everything, you have to pick your one shot. Like for example, Communication skill. If you are excellent in communication skill, whether oral or in written, it could give a huge impact on your career because people will like you and will like to listen to you. People will admire you and try to get and offer you to work for them. So it’s a kind of a good way of career advancement.

Time management skill is the next to number one for me. If you know how to manage your time it can create a greater impact on your career or even in your life. Because managing your time, is also managing your life. You can quickly accomplish your tasks or goals if you know how to manage your time.

And there are many more skills out there just see find out.

3. Upgrade your knowledge.

You might think “Why I am not receiving promotions?” or ” Why I am not receiving calls for an interview from reputable company’s?” “Why I am still in the group of low-income category?” Perhaps those are the few questions that are crawling on your mind. Now that’s the real issue that you have to find solutions. And you might be asking “How I can kick their ass to change or reverse my thinking?”

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If you believe that your degree is enough reason to climb up to the high-income level positions, you have a big mistake fellas!.. Your knowledge that’s gained from college 5  or 10 years ago is already obsolete, you know? Every 5 years there is changes of the prospectus, continual upgrading of the system, innovations and discoveries are rapidly arising in terms of educational philosophy, and even standards are upgrading and then it is pretty sure you would be behind if you will not upgrade your lonesome knowledge..

Here is how you’ll do. Go back to your organization, like for example, the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) in the Philippines or the Society of Engineers in the United Arab Emirates or in India, Pakistan, other Eastern Countries, Western Countries, and or in everywhere else. I know you have your organizations there. Ask if there are available trainings or seminars because sometimes it is even more, cost less if your organization is offering related trainings. This is one way how to upgrade and there are lots more ways.

4. Hard work on your job.

Let us make this a crystal clear about the perception of a term “hard work,” hard work is not coming to the office with perfect attendance, it is not working without accomplishment, it’s not sitting in your cubicle the whole day without having completed the tasks, it is not staying at the office late while just chatting with the co-staff. A big NOPE amigo…

I will tell you what is real “Hard work.”

A person, who is a hard worker has the great inclination from others who are not. You might ask “How to become a hard worker?” Good that you asked that. Here is how you’ll do, get up early and come to the office one hour before the time starts work. If the time start work in your office is 8:00 am so be there at 7:00 am. So why you do this because when other start works at 8:00 am you are already running at 120 kph hehe. Nah.. Just kidding 🙂

The harder you work the luckier you’ll get


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And when you are on your work, focus and concentrate on a major task. Because focus and concentration are essential to success, and you’ll accomplish more. How to focus and concentrate? Good that you asked. But wait! Oh, come on.. It’s a state of mind… Well anyway, here is how to focus. When you are already doing a task put in mind that you’ll going to complete it ASAP. If there is a telephone call just check who’s calling if not important don’t pick up the call and focus again on your work. And if there is someone approach you, just want to chat with you tell him/her “Just wait a minute let’s talk after my work.”

Focus and concentrate on your priorities and highly important task.

And be a person who will turn-off the light. Make an additional hour of your work. Studies have discovered that if you only work 8 hours a day you will just simply break-even, but if you work 9 or 10 or 12 hours a day, it could make a fortune to you.

Be EXCELLENT at your job. Everyone will like you if you are excellent. Your boss will also appreciate you and eventually propose you to give additional pay or may even promote you.

5. Surround yourself with successful people.

Find people who are already successful in their career. I am sure that they have all the things they used why they became successful. Try to find a way to ask them about their way how they became successful. I know they will not be reluctant to share their ideas and endeavors during the time they were at the stage of climbing the ladder of success. Just get ideas from them and then apply it to yourself. There is no way that you can’t be successful too if you follow their ideas and advice.

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