Top 7 Online Job Portals for Middle East Job Hunters

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The Middle East is the new “Land of Milk and Honey” for most Westerners or Asian job hunters. The success stories of 7onlinejobportalthe legions of several races such as Americans, Australians, Indians, Filipino, and many more working in the region cannot be ignored. With skill and a little luck, it can be possible for anyone to earn salaries much higher than those that can be earned locally. These online job portals will definitely help you in the pursuit of your job searching.

However, as lucrative as the Middle East is, there are lots of scams surrounding job openings in the region. Many illegal recruiters thrive on the heavy demand for jobs, stealing the applicants’ hard-earned money in the guise of “placement fees” and other expenses.

The best way to steer clear of these unscrupulous characters is to go directly where the job openings are — in official job listings and online job portals.

While the government has its own job portals where you can find legitimate listings, searching here can only get you so far. This list instead compiles seven of the largest, most useful, and most relevant online job portals you can use to search for employment in the Middle East. Start here, and before you know it you’ll be Gulf-bound and ready to start a new career!

Here are the 7 Online Job Portals for your job search.



This is a very famous online job portal, one that allows you to quickly search for a wide variety of jobs. You can specify both what kind of job you are looking for, and what country or locale you wish to apply in. Indeed is a global service, and while it isn’t specifically geared for Middle East aspirants it has one of the most robust job listings anywhere.

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Like most of the other sites in this list, Indeed is a job aggregator that collects all listings from newspapers, online boards, and many other sources. There are also company reviews, which will help job hunters find the one that is best suited for them. Indeed is one of the best online job portals that you can prioritize.


2. Naukrigulf

If you are looking for something more Middle East-centric, check out this job portal. Naukrigulf caters specifically to job openings in the Gulf area, listing countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain. You can view jobs from different categories or companies, too. As a plus, Naukrigulf also offers advice on how your applications can stand out to potential employers.

There are even expert opinions (under the section “Expert Speak”) that forecast trends and about the Middle East economy and discusses different aspects of success in the region. For those fortunate to be noticed by employers, Naukrigulf also offers advice on how to handle interviews — there’s even a section on how to write a decent interview cancellation email.



Bayt bills itself as “The Middle East’s Leading Job Site”. This online job portal is more of a mix between Indeed and Naukrigulf, with a simple job-search interface and a listing of available openings across various categories. There is also a specific category for openings in executive positions, and another section for jobs that go through recruitment agencies. Furthermore, testimonials about the site give added assurance on the veracity of the listings. Bayt claims that there are over 40,000 employers advertising on the site, including big international names. They also have postings for international locations, though these are in the minority. Articles containing job success tips and interviews with Bayt team members can also be found on the site.

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This is also a Middle East-centric online job portal that organizes its listings into different categories. Aside from doing a search, you can check jobs based on their industries, locations, job titles, and skills involved. The site has a live chat feature that enlists the help of a Monstergulf representative in your job search efforts.

Monstergulf also has other services, such as professional resumé writing and increased visibility of your resumé to companies and consultants. These come at a cost, however, which could create an uneven experience. You can also pay to have your skills highlighted for easy viewing by possible employers. Their career tips section comes free of charge and covers a multitude of topics from negotiating salaries to finding a secondary career.



This is another large job portal that is geared towards international job seekers. It has different sites focused on various locales, so make sure to find the one that is geared for the Middle East (classified under Asia/Pacific). Jobrapido has a very simple interface, with a search function and a listing per region. You can also sign up to have email alerts sent to you when new jobs are available in the region of your interest. As an aggregator, Jobrapido’s individual listings will lead you to the original job website that hosted it.



This is an established online job portal, and definitely has one of the highest levels of exposure (since it’s been around since 1997). Jobstreet is geared towards job hunters in the Southeast Asian region. The site allows you to build a page (sort of an online resumé) that employers can browse. This also serves as a means for potential employers to contact you for opportunities. The site includes an AI that allows you to get “matched” with jobs that suit your profile and preferences (including but not limited to desired salary, company, and location), but of course, also has provisions for conventional search.

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Jobsara is a Middle East-centric online job portal that is more like Jobstreet in its feature set. It is a place for both employees and employers to meet. The former can post online resumés, search for and save job listings, and search for career tips that will help them get noticed. The latter can browse through applicants, who they can then contact. Almost all features of Jobsara are hidden behind a login page.

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Ready to get the job of your dreams? Job hunting isn’t easy, even when these sites make every effort to remove the pain points. The secret ingredient to success is, however, perseverance. Just as you persevere in your chosen field, you must stick to your guns in finding the job that perfectly suits you. Employers have an uncanny eye for a job match, and once you find yours, it’s off to start a new chapter in your life. This is the reason why we write the 7 online job portals for you to find job of your dream.


What online job portals do you usually use in applying for a job?
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