7 Secrets of a Quality Engineer That You Should Know

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In this short article, I want to share with my colleagues the new and old seven secrets of a quality engineer that everyone should know. Sharing these secrets with you should make you think about your activities. In addition, how you can improve your experience as a quality engineer, and maybe your overall experience within your working career. And eventually, you are building the characteristics of a quality engineer along the way.

Being a quality engineer is both rewarding and challenging to say the very least, as we progress through our careers and gain more experience it should become evident that being a quality engineer is more than just your average position within the company.

An active diligent quality engineer has the ability to shape the future and destiny of the business he is working with. Did you realize through following a strict regime of reporting and adherence to business metrics your skilled work will be noticed in the upper echelons of the business?

I will not focus on the tools and methods of our work. I prefer to take a holistic view of making a quality engineers’ life more fruitful and fulfilling giving an insight into how to make your working life a better experience by sharing my knowledge.

Moreover, I will share with you some tips to enhance your work and life experience while working away from home.


Secret # 1 Hard work

It is understood that the life of a quality engineer is a life of hard work and a life of high expectations from both your employer and client. This means you have to live up to the expectations of the position you hold.

Members of your crew will look up to you and the advice you give for the resolution of problems is critical for the successful outcome of the project your team is working on. By being a hard worker, you are not only building your future but you are raising your value. Your company will likely give you gratitude of any kind.

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Secret # 2 Punctuality

There can be very few things in life that are worse than having a quality engineer who is always late for his work duties. It is of paramount importance you work to your schedule and the schedule of the team and more importantly the schedule of your client.

Be on time every time. Be prepared for the task ahead. No excuses, your team will value you more and the company that employs you will be more likely to consider you for promotion when the time arises. In other words, “what the world would be like if you, a quality engineer didn’t exist.”


Secret # 3 No absences

You should remember every day that you are part of a team and a work schedule. Without your input, the schedule could be delayed causing untold problems for the company and the client. Being absent for anything but the most critical issues is not acceptable to any of the members of your crew.
Realize the importance of your work and lead by example.

These seven secrets of a quality engineer will put you and your career trajectory on a sure path.


Secret # 4 Save Money

Pay attention! As mentioned, I would take a holistic view of the life of a quality engineer and this holistic approach will help you succeed in your goals.

Many of us quality engineers work overseas away from our families. Some of us work on projects in the most expensive metropolises in the world, and the temptations to enjoy life to the full surround us every evening and weekend.
Always keep in mind why you are working away from your family and loved ones. Save enough money from your earnings to meet your original financial objectives and obligations. Have a little fun from time to time and maximize your savings while you are still working.

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Secret # 5 Invest money

It is important that I share seven secrets of a quality engineer. We all work overseas for one good reason and that reason is to earn enough money for our family and ourselves when we retire. However, often a salary cannot provide enough to meet all of your financial aspirations.

Investing money is a way for you to realize your financial dreams. The investments markets are full of safe and risky investment portfolios. Seek professional help and speak with friends who have investments and see which is best for you. But for me, I like real estate, I already bought the lot (land) with a total approximate area of 2,000 square meters and some units of the rental house are being constructed. All the money spent on this investment was coming from being a quality engineer.


Secret # 6 Create a side hustle while working.

Maximize your experience as a quality engineer, enhance your earnings by being creative or pursuing something you are passionate about. Earning even a small amount of cash extra each month will make a huge difference in your life while away from home.

Creating a side hustle is a good way to supplement your income (make sure it is legal). Most of us have ideas of how we can make money outside of work, which can range from selling home-style food to our friends and colleagues. It is a great way to supplement your income and is worth pursuing. I recommend starting a side hustling via blogging, start a blog or website. Like what I did. It is completely a working from home job and hassle-free.


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Secret # 7 Eat healthy foods(one of the best secrets of a quality engineer).

When working away from home we all fall into the same trap of eating fast food for convenience. To be honest fast food normally tastes great and when back home with the family is often considered as a treat.

However, we all know eating fast food every day has a consequence for our health and we should pursue a diet of healthy foods.

Healthy foods will keep you in good shape and enable you to think with clarity while working on some of the more arduous tasks of a quality engineer. That’s what I am doing now since I discovered that eating healthy foods such as salad and fruits were giving me good feelings. Till now I discipline myself to maintain this habit. You may hear this in the saying “health is wealth.”


Taking a holistic view of our daily work will provide you with a balanced work and social life while away from family and friends. Sharing the seven secrets of every quality engineer should give you some of the basics of how to improve your life on a day-to-day basis.

On its own being, a quality engineer can be a demanding position and a position that is critical to your crew and the client of the company you are employed for. Some of these secrets of a quality engineer will enhance your ability to work in a better way.

Working overseas can be a great experience or a negative experience. It is incumbent on you to make your experience as a quality engineer the very best it can be while striving to meet your ultimate financial goals.



Do you have one of the secrets of a quality engineer mentioned above? Share your own secrets that make you feel good, let me know in the comment box below.

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