How To Control Materials And Delivery To The Construction Site

In a large project, there are several kinds of material to be used and controlling those materials are extremely difficult, especially when there is a lack of system and little percentage of lack of staff to facilitate the work of checking, controlling, and handling to site.

In order to prevent the failure of material flow in the project. We should employ an appropriate person or staff to manage the reception and distribution of materials. We shall adhere to the correct quality procedure about controlling materials arrived on site. So here we’ll see the vital role of a quality engineer or civil engineer on how the materials are controlled on site.


We will discuss here the proper procedure and determine the material flow from procurement part of the approval and distribution to the site.

1. Procurement

The procurement Engineer shall identify first the materials to be used on site by reading the drawing, employers requirement, specification, bill of quantities and scope of works. The materials obtained from those documents shall be sent to the Technical Department to be handled by a material engineer.

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2. Material submission for approval

The material engineer shall prepare the material approval request of such material received from the procurement engineer. Comparison sheet shall be prepared to compare if the proposed material will match to the specification requirements. Once it is propagated, it will send to the Document Control Department for submission to the Engineer or CSC of the project.

3. Checking of Quality Engineer

After the approval of such material, it will be communicated to the procurement department to contact a selected supplier to proceed to the delivery of such material to the site. And the store department will be informed by the Procurement Department for the transaction. The store assigned staff will then communicate to the Quality Department for the upcoming materials and schedule of delivery.

Once it has arrived on site on the expected date of shipment, it will then be checked by quality department staff, which is a quality engineer with the joint inspection of a storekeeper. The quality engineers shall ensure that the delivered material is matched to the approved material approval request. The quality engineer shall also ensure that the material is properly stored, covered if required and elevated from the ground.

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Only approved materials via material approval request shall be used on site.

4. Storekeeper responsibility

The storekeeper shall be responsible for controlling the materials received on site, he is also responsible for registers and forms to record the arrival and distribution of materials. He shall also maintain the store and proper storage and safety conditions of the materials.

The storekeeper shall monitor the availability of material and put on record. When the site team like Project Engineer or Construction Manager orders material the site store will record the orders and if the material is available, the store-keeper shall then issue the material withdrawal slip to be signed by the ordering site team.

5. Material delivery on site

Once the material withdrawal slip is signed by the project engineer or construction manager, the store-keeper shall arrange the delivery to site where the material to be used, if required like bulky orders, otherwise the material can be handled and brought to the site by a staff who ordered the material, like small quantities. The transaction shall be continually coordinated to avoid delay of progress on site.

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