Method Statement for Excavation and Back filling Works

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At the start of the project, in most projects I joined with, one of the activities that shall be implemented or started first is excavation. The method statement for excavation works and backfilling works shall be made and approved prior to the start of the activity on site.

You may copy this Method Statement for excavation works and backfilling works and submit to the Engineer but please take a while to read your specification first as this may differ from it and revision will be needed.

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1. Scope

1.1 This Method Statement for excavation works and backfilling works describes a proper work procedure shall be carried out during the excavation stage as per specification and contract drawings.

2. References

2.1 General Specification – Excavation & Earthworks

3. Materials

3.1 Natural Soil

4. Tools & Equipment

4.1 Excavator
4.2 Pay Loader
4.4 JCB
4.5 Six Wheel Truck
4.6 Bob cat
4.7 Shovel
4.8 Total Station
4.9 Meter tape


5. Work Procedure

5.1 Site Preparation

5.1.1 Existing Services – [Company] construction team would conduct an investigation and acquire information about site services that might have been placed/embedded below the ground. Services, wherever found shall be rerouted and protected to place will not affect site activities.
5.1.2 Setting out – [Company] surveyor would conduct the site survey to mark/stake-out the lines and levels of the objective excavation for foundations as indicated in the approved drawing.

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5.2 Excavation

5.2.1 The area to be excavated shall be properly marked and clear before starting the works.

5.2.2 The depth of excavation shall be periodically checked by a surveyor to avoid over-excavation. the bank of the excavated area shall be sloped 30 degrees and shall be maintained to avoid a collapse of the bank into the excavated area.

5.2.3 All excavated material shall be kept a minimum of 1.0 meter from the edge of excavation or shall be stockpiled to the area designated by the Engineer.

5.2.4 For all excavation activities, adequate safety barriers, signboards, advance warning signs would be used.

5.2.5 For foundation, as soon as the excavation reaches the required depth/elevation the surface shall be leveled and shall be compacted to 95 % of maximum dry density or MDD.

5.2.6 Before the compaction starts, it shall make sure that the excavated level is free from standing water or excessive moisture content.

5.2.7 Inspection would be conducted during compaction for checking and approval of the Engineer.

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5.2.8 The compaction test report shall be submitted to the Engineer for approval prior to proceeding to succeeding work.

5.2.9 Anti-termite treatment would be conducted prior to starting blinding works but make sure the anti-termite material is approved by the Engineer.

5.3 Backfilling work.

5.3.1 After completion of the compaction under blinding, tie beams, and ground slab. Backfilling shall commence using similar excavated material. Care shall be taken to remove bolder, vegetations, and any other deleterious materials.

5.3.2 But prior to backfilling, the compacted surface shall be accepted by the Engineer.

5.3.3 The thickness of the backfill shall not be greater than 300mm.

5.3.4 The sub-grade once approved, the excavated materials or any material source approved by the Engineer shall be placed in layers not more than 300 mm thick followed by a compaction test when the surface level is ready.

5.3.5 In-situ dry density test ( compaction test ) shall be performed at the rate indicated in the specification.

5.3.6 Backfilling followed with compaction shall continue till the final level is achieved.

6. Safety

6.1 All works shall comply with safety procedure or instruction as set in out in the Project Safety Plan and Municipality rules and regulations.
6.2 Basic Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ) shall be worn by all staff or laborers.
6.3 Trained operator or banks man shall be engaged to control or operate heavy equipment machines.

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7. Quality Assurance Approval

7.1 Project Quality Plan
7.2 Inspection and Test Plan
7.3 Project HSE Plan

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Quality Engineer Tips:

a. Ensure that the method statement for excavation works and backfilling works must be approved prior to the start of excavation work on site.

b. Ensure that the methodology is properly highlighted in the method statement to identify the proper procedure and succession of the work.

c. Safety precautions and statements shall be included in the methodology.  Job Safety and Risk Assessment shall be submitted.

Did you follow the above method statement for excavation works and backfilling works in your project? If not, please do so.

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