Method Statement for Painting Works

After completion of preparatory works such as the installation of block, plaster preparation, plaster works and then the painting works will then carried out. In this article will show the procedure on how painting activities will be done.

Now here is the method statement of painting works.

1. Title

Method Statement for Painting Works

2. Purpose and scope

The purpose of this method is to describe the measures and ways of proper application of paint at control tower. Works shall be carried out in compliance with the drawings, project specifications, and materials.

3. Work procedure

1. Mock-up

  • Mock up sample would be made for selection and approval of the Engineer prior to commencement of the works.

2. Preparation

  • Hardware materials which are already fixed and not to be painted shall be removed. Removal if not possible, it shall be covered/protected appropriately before surface preparation and painting will commence.
  • Clean and prepare concrete or cement plaster surfaces to be painted. Efflorescence, chalk, dust, dirt, grease and oils shall be removed.
  • The surface of the area to be painted would be prepared by removing loose particles, blemishes, and deleterious materials by way of sanding.
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3. Paint Application

  • The paint system would be emulsion paint for internal but to be approved by the Engineer. The surface to be painted when prepared one coat of paint to be applied as primer. Curing would be made by drying until 4 hours is attained prior to the succeeding coat to be applied.
  • Two coats of Stucco would be applied after the primer has reached its curing period. But each coat shall have an interval time of 4 hours for curing. Before the application of second coat stucco sanding would be done for cleaning and removing of splattered, blemishes and stains on the painted surface.
  • Then two coats of final paint would be applied as per the approved RAL color.
  • For working at height, fixed and movable scaffolding would be erected as per area requirements. Scaffolding when erected shall be inspected with Safety officer prior to usage. Operatives will be inductive before working at site. Pre-start meeting would be conducted before the start of painting activities and tool box meeting would be regularly conducted by safety officer for all concern operatives.
  • Inspection Request to be submitted for checking and approval of the Engineer.
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4. Safety

  1. All works shall comply with safety procedure or instruction set out in project safety plan and Municipality rules and regulations.
  2. Basic PPE to be worn by all staff or laborers.
  3. All operatives involve in this work shall be inducted before entering the site.
  4. Tool box talk shall be conducted regularly.

5. Equipments and tools

  1. Wheel borrow
  2. Drip tray
  3. Drill machine
  4. Pail
  5. Sand paper
  6. Rug cloth

6. Materials and references

  1. Approved paints
  2. Scope of works or specification
  3. Approved drawing

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