The Qualifications of a QA/QC Engineer

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I would like to write the qualifications of a QA/QC Engineer. One of the major employer’s aims to hire a QA/QC Engineer is his or her qualifications, so this gonna be the main thing that we will look up to more than anything else.

Here are the qualifications that a Quality Engineer can have to become competitive.

Education of a Quality Engineer

You must be a college graduate of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering ( BSCE ). It is a five years course degree but some schools are offering trimester, so you can take the course for only about four years!..

But, anyone can become a Quality Engineer even though you are not a Civil Engineer as I mentioned before, as long as you have the strong desire or willingness and yes! You must be a degree holder as well. I’ve known one person in the neighboring company he’s an Architect but, in his current position, he is a QA/QC Engineer. So it means it is depending on oneself if he or she has the willingness to shift to other fields of specialization.

Has a license as Engineer

The best qualification that you can have is a license, there is a good advantage of having a license. When we talk about competition especially when it comes to the process of interview, this might be the major question of the interviewer “Have you got a license?” You will be ahead from the others who do not have it, it will be more comfortable and your self-esteem as well will go up. Your belief of being one to be hired is high.

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Work experience

Much better if you have work experience, preferably two or three years work experience is enough. It is very rare for one to be hired without work experience, I haven’t known anyone.

Like me when I graduated college and passed the board exam. I immediately joined in a company just to get work experience. Actually, I joined in a government institution then because in my belief there I can get good experience. I was not mistaken right after I was hired I immediately went down to the field and inspected the project assigned to me. It’s just happened exactly what I wanted to become so I was happy then and feeling contented.

This is what I noticed some of my classmates didn’t go in line with their career, don’t ever think about that, you’ll lose. You just have to get in line and stay in line which the first step is you have already gotten. I believe that success is made for those who will not quit, once you got your career choice continue that until you succeed, like me! Ha ha.

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Knowledge of Standards or Codes

I remember when I was interviewed by one of the companies I applied with that was year 2007, actually, that interview was for QA/QC Engineer position to be deployed in Saudi. One of the questions was “Do you know ISO standards?” And “Do you know what is the standard for Audit?” So in summary, I was not hired I think because of that questions.

So be ready and have put in mind some of the important standards or codes that you’d feel might be one question.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Even during our college days until we got our first job we’ve always been exercising these skills and it’s just a matter of continuous mingling or associating with other co-employees so that you could develop and enhance interpersonal skills and communications as well, it’s like balancing your life when it comes to your work.The Qualifications of a Quality Engineer

In communication skills, this is the number one necessity in our work, our “English communication skill”. It is very hard for you to express your point across others if you don’t know English.

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It will have a good impact on your career if you really well in English. So I suggest If you want to have good  English communication skills, you might enroll to any school to acquire such skills. Well! as far as I know, any skill is learnable, that’s a very good chance here.

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Moreover, eighty percent of the work of an Engineer is communication, they are always communicating every day even through verbal, correspondence, emails, etc. So your English communication skill must be maintained.

So good luck in your future and have it all qualifications achieved and maintained, there is no reason for you to become a successful Quality Engineer.

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