The Material Inspection – A Quality Engineer Task

When you will enter to a quality assurance and quality control world and it’s your first time to start work on a project site. You might ask this “What is the first thing that I would check?” There are several things that you will check, but the material upon arrival on site is one of the important that you should be checking along the way.

You could ask the Inspection and Test Plan for a certain work in which the material that you would like to check belongs to. So you can identify what would be your next action.

Once you obtained the material approval report or MAR for the certain material. You are now ready to check the material arrived on site. Now! This might be your question “What if the material arrived is not yet approved, what will I do?” Here is what you will do and in case that the material is being reviewed by consultant and it’s eventually be approved later then you may still submit the material inspection with comment as “awaiting approval.”

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Here are the steps to follow to checking the materials on your site at the first time.


1. Obtain Delivery Note

Always ask your storekeeper for the arrived material on site and collect the delivery note of that. Just make a routine every morning or every other day on this task, especially if the project has just started. It is expected that there will be volumes of materials that will be arriving.

This should be your initiative as a quality assurance and quality control engineer, be proactive on this task.

In case you are handling subcontractor, then request them to submit their material inspection and ask them the delivery note, approved material submittal, packing list and mill test certificate whenever required.

2. Fill the Material Inspection Form

Fill up the material inspection form with the description of items from the delivery note. Just make sure that all spaces provided from the material inspection form are filled up.

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3. Attachment for the Material Inspection

The first attachment is the Material Approval Report (MAR) or approved material submittal. The delivery note is the second attachment of your material inspection. And attach the packing list whenever required.

If your material is related to steel structural works, you should attach the “Mill Test Certificate” of such material.

4. Joint Inspection With The Consultant

If you have completed the arrangement of your material inspection and compiled everything needed. So you are now going to bring the consultant for a joint inspection of your material on site. Just make sure that the materials that you are going to present with the consultant are accessible and stored in a storage yard nearby on your project site.

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