Understanding About Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)

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For each activity on a construction site, there would be a corresponding Method Statement as well as Inspection and Test Plan including Checklist shall be developed.

I’ve experienced in one of the projects that I’ve involved with was we did not have ITP in the very beginning but when a newly appointed quality manager came into play, after few months when the project begins then the development of ITP had started. I was thankful that my new manager was so knowledgeable about the proper documentation. I learned a lot from him. Since then I learned more about making ITP. How happy are you if you are with a leader who has a vast knowledge of the quality system.  It will definitely rub off on you.


ITP is one of the most important project documents that you need to provide for each activity and it must be prepared way ahead before the start of the activity.

You will lose on your inspections if you will not prepare itp, I am telling you this because that was my experience. I don’t want to happen it to you.

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So, without further ado. Here is the explanation about ITP.


Here is a definition of Inspection and Test Plan

Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) – An Inspection & Test Plan is the program of inspection, testing of materials, and survey shall be prepared and submitted by the contractor to the Engineer for approval before usage and application to the site.


Here is a definition of Checklist

Checklist – A list of items shall be noted or checked in a completed activity. It is always attached to the Inspection Request. To be signed by concerns parties once the inspection is approved.


Preparation, Reviewand Approval

Inspection and Test Plan is made and issued by the Quality Engineer, it should then be reviewed by the Quality Manager, Construction Manager and approved by Project Manager before it shall submit to the Engineer.

As it is always required by the contract or specification, Method Statement and Inspection and Test Plan including Checklist shall be submitted to the Engineer for approval.

The QA/QC Engineer shall maintain a register of all Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) including Checklists.

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The QA/QC Engineer shall maintain a complete master set of approved Inspection and Test Plan.

The inspection process shall have the inspection criteria for every Inspection and Test Plan item. Here are the following:

Surveillance ( S ) = random attendance at site, no signature required on the Inspection Request ( IR ) or its accompanying documentation.

Execution ( E ) = attendance at the site is a must, the signature is always on Inspection Request and Checklist.

Witness (W)  = attendance at the site is expected, the signature is required on check sheet of    Inspection Request ( IR ) and Checklist, but if the signatory is not present to sign at the time, follow on work may proceed and the document(s)  to be signed off later.

Hold Point (H) = attendance at the site is mandatory and signature is required on the check sheet of Inspection Request at the time of the inspection to release the following work.inspectionandtestplan

Review ( R ) = documents to be reviewed, no signature required on the Inspection Request or its accompanying documentation.

Records (RE) = documentation to be recorded, no signature required on the Inspection Request or its accompanying documentation.

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Test ( T ) = attendance is required,  signature required on check sheet of Inspection request and checklist.

Here is the sample format of the Inspection and Test Plan ( ITP )



Here is the format of the Checklist.


It will have a great impact on a project if there is ITP established. The easiness of writing your inspection description, writing the code or specification, identification of the inspection action code, and knowing the acceptance criteria of a specific activity, almost everything is in an Inspection and Test Plan. It is a blueprint of inspection.

So, start making it and surely you’ll amaze on what will happen with your project just like what I did.

To those who would like to ask a soft copy of this format just post your request below or email me at [email protected] or use the contact form to request. You can download it here now.

Do you use the same ITP template or format? Please share your suggestions and thoughts in the comment box below.


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