10 Project Forms That a QA/QC Engineer Must Have

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In a newly opened project, a QC Inspector or QA/QC Engineer must acquire forms to be used. This project forms can be taken from the Quality Manager as he must provide these for a project. The Quality Manager shall make the Project Quality Plan (PQP) and these project forms shall be incorporated with PQP for approval by the Engineer or Consultant.

For the beginners, you must know the uses and importance of these project forms that I will explain one by one.


Here are 10 Project Forms that a Quality Inspector or QA/QC Engineer Must Have.


Project Form

1. Document Transmittal Sheet (DTS)

This form will use to submit documents, drawings, etc. This shall be filled by a Document Controller, writing the specific titles for the submittal and attach necessary attachments and of course, it shall be the advice from Technical Manager. This is one of the project forms that regularly used.

You can click here and save it as the form in PDF or download Document Transmittal Form word file.

2. Material Submittal Sheet (MSS)

This form will use to submit materials for site use. Make sure that the required field or spaces to fill up are completely filled with correct descriptions such as Supplier, Material Description, etc.

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You can see here and save it as the form in PDF or download Material Submittal Form word file.

3. Request for Information (RFI)

This form will use if there is something that is not clear in the drawing to better understand or clarify a certain area of the work, so the contractor will send an RFI to the Engineer or Consultant for clarification. See here the RFI form in PDF or download RFI Form word file.

4. Subcontractor’s Approval (SA)

This form will use to submit to the Engineer for approval of any subcontractor that take subcontracts work in a project. See here the SA form.

5. Confirmation of Verbal Instruction (CVI)

The contractor will use this form to confirm to the Engineer or Consultant for the verbal instruction he stated during the meeting or phone calls or site joint inspection. See here the CVI form or download CVI form excel file.

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If the work proceeds without submitting CVI is performed at the contractor’s risk.

6. Inspection Request (IR)

This form will use if there is part of an activity that is ready for inspection. The inspection request shall be submitted 24 hours before the inspection. IR shall not be accepted by the Engineer if the time of the inspection is less than 24 hours, so take care about the time it might create delays on your project if it is accumulated.

Succeeding activity cannot proceed without the approval of the previous activity. Unapproved inspection requests can be the medium to hold payments for requested progress billing of the contractor. It is always necessary to get approval for your inspections to avoid payments delay issues. See here the IR form in PDF or download IR form excel file.

7. Daily Report

This form will use to list down all the activity on site on daily basis including the machinery, plant, manpower, weather report. Download Daily Report.

8. Weekly Report

This form will use to list down the weekly progress on-site including the percentage complete of the activities. Download Weekly Report form word file.

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9. Concrete Pouring Request (CPR)

This form will use to request pouring concrete. It shall be sent to the Engineer or Consultant one day or 24 hours before the time of pouring.

10. Non-conformance Report (NCR)

This project form will use for nonconformity noticed by the Engineer and shall be issued to the contractor. Nonconformity will exist if the specification, drawing, and other standards are not followed during the execution of the project. The NCR is sometimes used to hold the payments of the contractor’s billing, no payments shall be made unless NCR is rectified and approved by the Engineer. See here the NCR form or download NCR form word file.

These are all the project forms we handled from the start until the completion of the project.

If you have suggestions that can supplement the above documents you may write down your comment below.

The soft copies of the project forms are embedded above, you can download them. Thank you for visiting this blog.

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