What is Witness Point & Hold Point?

There are two important inspection action codes in the Inspection and Test Plan they are called hold point and witness point. Few or many had been a little confused about these inspection action codes.

The Hold point and Witness point are always found and indicated in the Inspection and Test Plan. They are the construction stages which may need supplementary inspection or verification.

The purpose is to make sure construction specification requirements have complied accordingly and to proceed for the following activities. So Verification process is outlined and documented in the Inspection and Test Plan as Hold Point and Witness Point.

Here is the best definition of Hold Point & Witness Point:

Hold Point is a mandatory verification point beyond which work cannot proceed without approval by the Engineer or Consultant or Municipality Inspector. The work cannot proceed until the Engineer or Consultant is able to verify the quality of the completed work and releases the Hold by means of Inspection Request approval.

Witness Point is an identified point in the process where the Engineer or Consultant may review, witness, inspect method or process of work. The activities, however, may proceed.

Here is a sample of Hold Point:

Hold Point: The first floor of our project is to be cast but it must be inspected by the Municipality Inspector before it will be poured with concrete. The Hold Points there is the inspection or verification of the Municipality Inspector; once the Inspection is approved it will release the Hold.

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Hold Point Photo
So in short statement “The activity of pouring concrete cannot start without the approval of the Engineer or Municipality Inspector.”

Another example:

Waterproofing membrane to be applied on foundations. The material must be approved first by the engineer before the construction team can use the material.

So, the waterproofing works cannot proceed without prior approval of the material submittal for waterproofing. The hold here is the approval of the consultant for the waterproofing Material Submittal.

Another example is:

The municipality approval for the submitted structural drawing for the slab. If there is no approval from the municipality you cannot start the work meaning the hold is from the municipality building official.

Here is a sample of  Witness Point:

Witness Point: We were on painting activities for a second coat, the Inspector just witnessed the applications of coatings.

Witness Point Photo

“There is a chance to attend an activity but does not involve obligation, the activity can proceed without approval.”

Another example is:

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The blockwork or block wall installation inspection. The consultant may not attend the inspection but the work on site can proceed and continue.

Another example is:

The inspection for plastering. The engineer or consultant sometimes will just conduct the surveillance or rely on a qaqc engineer to check and provide documentary photos.

We can visualize now the difference between Hold Point and Witness Point.

If you have clarification or you would like to supplement the above explanations you may write it down in the comment box below.

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